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    Why Is Pubic Hair Shaved Before the Delivery?


    Why Is Pubic Hair Shaved Before the Delivery?

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Are you still confused about the perineal hair shaving before delivery? As per the experts, a pregnant lady should not shave or undergo bikini wax after her 36th week of pregnancy. This is a personal choice as some women prefer complete hygiene and some cannot trim or shave body hair due to several reasons. It will not be easy to bend down and do it yourself because of the baby bump. Before you are taken into the labor room for delivery the hospital staff will make sure that you must go through perineal hair shaving. It helps in making the childbirth process clean and trouble-free. It helps your doctor to hassle-free complete the process of cesarean delivery. It makes suturing easier and rules out any chances of infection if there is an episiotomy.

    The nurse at the hospital will do it for you and your doctor recommends that you avoid waxing or shaving seven days before your scheduled delivery. If you get any cut or rash by any chance, then your skin can easily attract bacteria resulting in various infections and that could be harmful whether you will undergo normal or cesarean delivery. Hair removal can be done by using various methods like- fresh razors, trimming scissors, hair removal cremes, electric shavers, and waxing. There are several benefits and risks involved as this is a highly debatable topic:

    Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair Before Delivery

    • Removing hair keeps the genitals clean and the risk of infection transferring to the baby is not there.

    • It provides a clear view of your genitals to the doctor/gynecologist.

    • It reduces the chances of sweat in private areas.

    • If there is a chance of excessive bleeding during the process of delivery then the blood can stick to the pubic hair if not shaven and that can become difficult to wash and clean.

    Risks of Shaving Pubic Hair Before Delivery

    • If sterilized tools or fresh razors are not used then it can lead to infections.

    • When the shaved hair grows back it causes itchiness and redness which will cause you a lot of discomfort.

    • Your baby bump can make the process of shaving a little uncomfortable and you will become dependent on a salon staff.

    • If shaving or trimming is done carelessly then it can result in small bumps in the skin which will be caused by ingrown hair. So, it is important to get it done by skilled or professional salon staff.


    You must consult your doctor if you feel uncomfortable and hesitant. You can also speak to a woman who has already undergone perineal hair shaving during labor. You can discuss it with your spouse and then finalize a professional salon staff. No matter what method you choose make sure you follow all the safety measures and hygiene advice given by the experts. You do not have to feel embarrassed as the hospital staff is quite professional and will surely comfort you.

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