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    What to Do After Sex & What Not to For Fast Conception?


    What to Do After Sex & What Not to For Fast Conception?

    Updated on 18 September 2023

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    As a couple, you might be using various contraceptive methods for years to avoid unwanted pregnancy however, if you have made up your mind to start a family now and wondering what to do after sex and what not to do after sex then there are certain things you will have to take care of.

    This article discusses all the things that should be kept in mind while indulging in a baby-making process along with some useful suggestions and tips. As every human body is different, you must keep one thing in mind, some couples take years to get pregnant whereas some can conceive after trying for a month or two.

    What to Do After Sex to Get Pregnant Fast?

    Once you are ready to start a family, all you have to do is just have a lot of patience with no stress at all. You can follow these tips to increase your chances of conception.

    1. Live a healthy life

    Maintaining an ideal body weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising is mandatory. If you are overweight or underweight, then you must get help from a certified nutritionist and undergo some health check-ups. Also, do not get involved in any strenuous physical activities as it can cause you not to ovulate.

    2. Get a preconception checkup

    When you officially start trying to conceive then you must first visit an Ob-Gyn. Your doctor may ask you to undergo some tests and scans and will prescribe some prenatal multivitamins. Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins that’ll help you protect against various defects and abnormalities that can occur during the early stages of pregnancy.

    3. Get the timing right

    If you understand your menstrual cycle well then, you’ll not face any issues knowing your ovulation phase. The fertility window is the best time to have sex for fast and easy conception. If you are trying to conceive, then you must calculate your fertility window by using ovulation predictor kits or just remembering your Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

    4. Follow your fertile window

    Calculating your fertile window is no longer a daunting task. Most people rigorously follow the textbook rule that ovulation occurs 14 days (about 2 weeks) after the first day of their menstrual cycle. However, the reality is that cycle length varies, and ovulation does not occur at the same time every month.

    Certain methods will help you calculate your fertile window and if you indulge in sexual intercourse during that phase then the chance of conception increases. Do not delay going to a doctor if you are facing any fertility issues or are unable to calculate your fertile window.

    5. Find the best sex positions

    According to the theories, the Missionary position, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, Wheelbarrow, Rear Entry, and Side-by-side scissors are some of the best sex positions that increase the chances of conception. Do not have stressful sex and do what makes you feel comfortable by focusing more on deep penetration.

    Instead of focusing on sex positions, you must ensure that the sperms should be travelling upstream hence you must avoid gravity-defying positions. If a woman is sitting or standing while her male partner is ejaculating, then the semen might run out. You must not overthink about what to do after sex to get pregnant fast. You must not stress if you don’t regularly reach a climax during sexual intercourse.

    6. Pee after sex

    Let’s clear this myth because not many people know the fact that urine does not leave the body through the vagina. Another opening that allows the urine to leave your body is called urethra. It is a small opening right above your vaginal opening. Any sperm deposited in the vaginal canal after sex can never mix with urine. Peeing after sex doesn’t result in loss of sperm but it can help prevent UTIs.

    What Not to Do After Sex?

    Most couples start over thinking about conception soon after sex However, it is not a good thing to do. The couple must relax and stay away from all kinds of stress. They should enjoy this beautiful time with each other and not wonder too much about after sex what to do during pregnancy.

    You must refrain from eating some food items soon after sex like high-sugar foods, soda, high crabs' food, trans fats, processed meats, excess alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and high-mercury fish.

    1. Just don't overdo it

    Some couples think that getting intimate daily during ovulation will increase the chances of conception. However, it is not true because having sexual intercourse on alternate days will help in increasing your chance of getting pregnant. Healthy and good-quality sperm can live up to 5 days inside your body so you must calculate your fertile window wisely.

    Men should not always think about sex and the baby and for that forcefully getting into a sexual relationship with the partner. A couple can consult a doctor if they are facing any issues while trying to conceive.

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    2. Stress won't help

    The human body is complicated and biologically every human body functions uniquely. So, someone can conceive just after trying for 2 months or probably a year. Do not panic and allow your body to function according to the hormones once you have quit using various birth control methods.

    If the couple is unsuccessful to conceive while trying to conceive naturally then, this happens because of other factors like the age of the woman, poor quality sperms, work pressures, financial strain, poor lifestyle habits, consumption of junk foods, alcohol, sugary foods or too oily food items and smoking.

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    3. No need to lie down

    You must have heard that you should keep your feet in the air just after the sex. There is no scientific evidence behind this logic that for faster conception a woman should lie down straight or keep her feet in the air for 15 minutes right after the sex. Standing up and rushing to the washroom will lead to the loss of a few sperms only.

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    If you keep these pointers in mind and do not compromise on your sleeping pattern, then the conception increases. In case of any doubts or if you are struggling with a chronic or genetic disease then you must consult a doctor first and then follow all the tips of what to do after sex and what not to do after sex.


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    Dr. Shruti Tanwar

    C-section & gynae problems - MBBS| MS (OBS & Gynae)

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