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      What is An Ideal Baby's Food Chart? 

      What is An Ideal Baby's Food Chart? 

      Updated on 6 September 2023

      A Baby Diet Chart is a very useful guide for all new mothers to help them sift through the first few months of caregiving. This is a very crucial time for the development of the child, and a Baby Diet Plan is a perfect resource at the disposal of the new mothers or caregivers.

      How Much Should A Baby Be Fed?

      There are standard or recommended Diet Plan For Infants, but the actual proportions will have to be left at the discretion of the primary caregiver. It mostly depends on a combination of factors like weight, health, digestion, and absorption. This is why Diet Charts For Infants tend to vary from baby to baby. But caregivers can rest assured that babies will make known if they are hungry in their ways.

      Meal Ideas for Baby | 6 to 9 Months Old

      A sample Diet Chart For Infants between 6 to 9 months may look as follows

      • Breast milk or formula for early morning, and breakfast.

      • This can be followed by breast milk or formula for an early afternoon snack.

      • For lunch, mashed vegetables or well-cooked and chopped eggs can be added to the breast milk or formula.

      • The same may be repeated for dinner.

      • If the baby is hungry just before bed, then breast milk or formula can be fed again

      Meal Ideas for Baby | 9 to 12 Months Old

      A Baby's Food Chart between 9 to 12 months can follow this structure -

      • For breakfast, homogenized whole cow's milk can be added to breast milk or formula.

      • This can be followed by infant cereal and soft fruit for breakfast along with formula or breast milk.

      • If the baby is hungry before lunchtime, strips of chapati or grated apples may be fed.

      • For lunch, a very small portion of well-cooked rice and chicken may be added to breast milk or formula. This can again be repeated for dinner.

      • Start adding bits of crackers or small cheese cubes as snacks into the Food Chart For Babies.

      Healthy Diet Chart for Kids | 2 to 5 Years Old

      Just like a Diet Plan For Infants, it is equally important to have a healthy Diet Chart For Kids of 2 to 5 years. A sample diet plan to ensure nutrition is given below -

      Early Morning

      Milk with honey and dried fruits


      Rava upma or Poha

      Morning Snack

      Soup along with a fruit


      Rice with dal and eggs or chicken/fish

      Evening Snack



      Light paratha or chapati with dal and/or chicken

      Key Points While Feeding Babies

      A Diet Chart is a very useful source of information to ensure they get the due nutrition for their development. But there are a few important things to remember apart from following a strict Baby's Food Chart. The primary caregiver should keep the following important points in mind:

      1. Continue to use formula or breast milk

      Breastfeeding should continue on demand. Solid foods should be introduced to the Baby Diet Plan in between breastmilk or formula feeding.

      2. Feed the infant as needed

      Start with feeding twice or thrice, and gradually move towards 3 to 5 times a day.

      3. Consider Vitamin D supplements

      Vitamin D drops can be added to the formula or breast milk, if necessary.

      4. Expect variations in the infant's eating patterns

      Foods rich in iron like fish and meat or eggs should be the first items to feed after breastmilk. Vegetables, yogurt, or cheese can be introduced later. Variations in textures should not be delayed beyond 9 months.

      5. Trust self and baby's instincts

      Babies should be fed in small portions, and supplied more only if the baby wants. Foods that can be mashed or minced are ideal for an Infant's Diet Chart.

      6. Consider each feeding time to bond with the newborn

      Supervising the baby while eating or feeding is essential to prevent choking or vomiting.

      7. Keep feedings consistent

      The primary caregiver should introduce only one new food item at a time, and not all together. Homogenized whole milk should be introduced only after the inclusion of iron-rich foods. By the time the baby is a year old, they should be eating most of the foods recommended in the Diet Charts For Infants.

      8. Know when to ask for help

      Remember that the baby depends on the primary caregiver for their regular supply of nutrition. It is very critical that the Baby Food Chart is aligned to their nutritional needs alongside a full health assessment by the pediatrician.


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