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    Guide: Following A Vegetarian Diet During Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

    Written on 19 September 2019

    Your child's development will accelerate during your third trimester as they will accumulate weight and adapt to existence outside the uterus. As a result, you'll notice that you're putting on weight quickly.

    If you’re maintaining a well-balanced diet or following a 3rd trimester diet chart, you shouldn't have to bother too much about the additional pounds. However, your calorie needs will rise as your baby gains fat layers.

    Vitamins To Consume During Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

    Vitamin K is required for blood clotting, which really is essential during delivery. As a result, it is advised that you consume lots of vitamin K-rich foods during your third gestation trimester to ensure that your health does not run out on this essential component before delivery. Thus, consider following a third trimester pregnancy food chart today!

    Like it was in the initial and the second trimester of pregnancy, iron is a crucial component in the third trimester as well to avoid anemia. If you are iron deficient and do not address it, you are more likely to have early labor. Thus, this eventually makes your child more vulnerable to infections.

    Sometimes, you may have to limit certain supplements especially if you have started following a food chart consisting of a balanced diet. Yet again, it is a recommendation that you consider consulting your doctor regarding which supplement could be the best during your third trimester.

    A Basic Plan Of Third Trimester Diet Chart

    A third-trimester diet chart is indeed quite helpful, especially if you are craving unusual foods during this phase. Apart from that, the foods you consume during this period can also help your baby develop both physically as well as health-wise. Furthermore, a basic plan of a diet chart is divided into different weekdays. Therefore, you can now consume a balanced diet quite easily.

    Before personalizing your own diet chart, consider talking to a specialized dietician. Your dietician may recommend a few food items which you could include in your diet.

    You can adhere to the following basic 3rd trimester pregnancy diet chart, especially if you are starting on your seventh month of pregnancy. Following this chart will help you maintain your healthy food consumption because many women usually find it difficult to check all the nutrients they are supposed to consume during this period.


    On a bright Sunday morning, you can have wholewheat toast along with fried mushrooms. Apart from that, you can also have a banana milkshake to refresh your mornings. For brunch snacks, you can have pomegranates. Lunch may include vegetable curry along with bitter gourd and cucumber raita.

    You can also include chapati or rice. For a late afternoon snack, you can have lemonade, mixed nuts, and raisins. Besides, pasta with tomato sauce can turn out to be an excellent option for dinner.


    For breakfast, you can consider craving Fenugreek parantha along with lassi. Snacks can include papaya or any other fruit of your choice. For lunch, you can have mung beans along with carrot sabzi. Apart from that, your afternoon snack should include something healthy, such as sweet potato chaat or jeera water. Finally, you can have radish sabzi along with black eyes peas for dinner.


    Your Tuesday breakfast can include Sago upma along with some tasty peanuts. You can have coffee or tea as a beverage. Make sure to include dried figs for morning snacks. For lunch, you can consume vegetable khichdi along with roasted pappad.

    As for your late afternoon snack, you can include coconut water along with bhutta or roasted corn. Consider having bottle gourd curry along with bajra for dinner.


    On a Wednesday, you can consider having wheat porridge or oatmeal for breakfast. Apart from that, you can have grapes for snacks. Your lunch can include potatoes along with peas. For late afternoon snacks, you can have dhokla and buttermilk. For dinner, you can give parantha and beetroot raita a try!


    Your Thursday breakfast can include a grilled paneer sandwich with tea. For snacks, you can have guava or chikoo. Kidney beans along with cauliflower sabzi can turn out to be an excellent option for lunch. For late afternoon snack, you can have almond milk. Include red lentils and beans for dinner.


    On a pleasant Friday morning, you can have oatmeal for breakfast along with apple juice. For snacks, you can have sapodilla. For lunch, include potato as well as onion parantha. along with pudina chutney.

    For your afternoon snack, you can have anything sweet, especially if you have been craving chocolates! For dinner, consider trying out cucumber salad with Okra sabzi. You can have either rice or chapati with your special dinner dish.


    On a Saturday, you can include suji cheela along with buttermilk. You can have chaat salad for your brunch snack. For lunch, you can include black gram along with chickpea flour roti. For your afternoon snack, consider trying out pineapple lassi or puffed rice. For dinner, you can have horse gram along with onion raita!

    Apart from that, you can also keep this day flexible including whatever you want in your meals. Thus, including one cheat day every week on your diet chart in 3rd month of pregnancy will help you satisfy your food craving as well!


    The start of your third trimester of pregnancy can indeed turn out to be quite exciting. In fact, you may also find it difficult to stick to your food chart for a while. However, you can always be as flexible as you want with your food chart, provided you consume your favorite food items within a limit.

    During this stage, you may also have to limit your consumption of various supplements. However, it is advised that you consider talking to your doctor before proceeding with any step. Apart from that, it may also be quite important for you to attend monthly medical check-ups, just to make sure that the baby, as well as the mother, are doing well.

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