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    Red Wine During Pregnancy: Side Effects & Guidelines

    Red Wine During Pregnancy: Side Effects & Guidelines

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Is wine good for pregnant woman? The answer is NO. Pregnant women shouldn't drink red wine because it contains alcohol, which can adversely impact the baby's development in the womb. Most people tell pregnant women to stay away from it completely. This article discusses whether it is safe to consume red wine while pregnant and examines the potential dangers of drinking red wine during pregnancy.

    Is it safe to drink red wine during pregnancy?

    As far as national health agencies are concerned, drinking alcohol during pregnancy is dangerous.

    When a pregnant woman drinks too much red wine or alcohol, a condition called foetal alcohol syndrome can occur. Therefore, pregnant women should not drink any alcohol.

    Alcohol gets into the baby's bloodstream by going through the placenta. This can cause many problems at birth, from physical difficulties to mental retardation. These effects can manifest after birth or while growing up.

    There is no known record of alcohol amount that identifies the cause of fetal alcohol syndrome, so the safest answer to the question, can a pregnant woman drink wine during her pregnancy, is that she should try not to.

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    Side effects of red wine during pregnancy

    When someone consumes alcohol, the chemical enters the bloodstream. When a pregnant mother drinks, the alcohol passes through the umbilical cord to the baby. Developing Fetal cannot digest or metabolise the toxin, which poses numerous dangers.

    It is commonly established that drinking alcohol during pregnancy increases the chance of birth abnormalities, miscarriage, and stillbirth. It can potentially result in foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) -- a term covering various physical, behavioural, and mental issues that can last a lifetime. These disorders might be moderate or severe, and there is no way to treat or cure them.

    The most severe type of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder is foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Infants with this syndrome may exhibit uncommon facial traits, such as a smooth ridge between the upper lip and nose and a tiny head. Also, they tend to be shorter and lighter than babies in the same age group.

    The following are additional symptoms of foetal alcohol syndrome:

    • Sleep issues.

    • Sucking issues as an infant.

    • Eyesight problems.

    • Hearing issues.

    • Heart and renal problems.

    • A lack of cooperation.

    • Memory problems.

    • Hyperactive behaviour.

    • Having problems concentrating.

    • Learning difficulties.

    • Delay in speaking.

    • Low IQ.

    • Inadequate cognitive and decision-making abilities.

    FAS is often linked to pregnant women who indulge in drinking or binge drink.

    What type of wine can a pregnant woman drink?

    Can a pregnant women drink wine? The safest answer to whether a pregnant woman can drink red wine during pregnancy is that she should try not to.

    Due to the risk of foetal alcohol syndrome and other complications to the fetus, pregnant women should not drink any alcohol. However, when a pregnant woman drinks too much alcohol, a condition called foetal alcohol syndrome occurs.

    The alcohol enters the baby's bloodstream through the placenta, which can cause many problems at birth, from physical difficulties to mental retardation. The effects can manifest after delivery and/or during growth.

    There is no conclusive amount of alcohol recorded that causes foetal alcohol syndrome. So, it is best to avoid it altogether when pregnant.

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    Will one glass of wine hurt my baby?

    No matter how much or what kind of alcohol a pregnant woman drinks, it can hurt her baby, and this is a risk best not left to chance. Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a broad term for most alcohol-related health problems in a fetus. One review of studies from 2017 found that 1 in 13 women who drank while pregnant had a baby with some FASD. When pregnant and drinking:

    • Alcohol enters a pregnant woman’s bloodstream and her baby through the placenta.

    • The pregnant woman’s baby may develop a higher blood concentration than the mother because their growing body can't get rid of alcohol as quickly.

    • Alcohol consumption by a pregnant woman can block adequate oxygen and food necessary for the baby's needs to grow up healthy.

    • If pregnant women drink a lot, alcohol can slow down, hurt their baby's organ growth, and cause permanent brain damage.

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    Women who are pregnant should not drink red wine. Currently, there is no known safe amount of alcohol to drink while pregnant. In addition, there is no record that women who indulge in heavy drinking while pregnant have healthy babies.

    Any alcohol is dangerous during pregnancy and can damage the baby and mother anytime. To be safe, a woman should never drink red wine or any alcohol while trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy. Women who don't want to drink red wine while pregnant can get help online and from their friends and family. Consult a doctor to confirm advice.


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