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    Parenting Tips

    Adjusting kids to a school can be challenging. Here are 7 tips to help your child adjust to school.   

    Written on 8 May 2019

    Undoubtedly, school is a great place for the kids to learn valuable lessons of life and to interact with peers. However, going to school for the first time can be quite emotional for both the parent and the child. It can be nerve-racking for the parents because they wonder that whether their child is ready for preschool or not and on the other hand for a child, going to a new place that is filled with a lot of strangers can cause a lot of anxiety issues. As your child begins his/her new journey, the thought of separation from parents can be quite daunting for the little one. Some anxiety is to be expected because the thought of going to a new place and meeting a lot of strangers at one place can haunt them. You can help your child overcome the anxiety by putting in some extra light on the positive attitude towards school. As every child needs that extra attention and care during those first few days of school, here are some ways to help your child make better adjustments while going to school:

    • Calm your child’s fears- Abandonment is a common fear that haunts little kids, you can calm this fear by assuring your child that you will come to pick them up by 3 pm. No matter how busy you are, do not forget to hug and kiss your child every time you pick and drop him/her. If your child rides on the bus then be sure another trusted family member is there to pick and drop the child at the bus stop.

    • Encourage your child’s bonding with the teacher- In the absence of the parents, kids get along easily with an adult who can make them comfortable. When a child goes to school, he/she should feel safe around the teachers. If your child is getting too anxious to settle down then you must request the teacher to keep watchful eyes on your baby. The teacher will assign a special task to the child that will keep the child busy and makes them feel connected. Encourage your child to master the skill of meet and greet.

    • Facilitate Bonding with other kids- Your child must make friends when he/she goes to school as that increases their social development. You can ask the teacher with whom is your child hanging around in the school. You can even ask your child who does he/she want to invite on a playdate. You can invite the mom with her kid for a playdate after school and this way your child will have a great bond with a child before school begins.

    • Ask your child how he/she feels- If your child’s every week (Monday) begins with teary eyes and a complaint of tummy ache then they are not faking. Anxiety does affect your child’s body and you must calm your child by comforting him/her.

    • Ask interactive questions to your child- You might hear a lot of “I don’t know” simply because your little one is uncomfortable to explain you about the day at school. You can ask things to your child that don’t require answers like “yes or no”. For instance- How was your day? How much do you enjoy school with your friends? How did the uniform get dirty in the school?

    • Have a “Go to school” routine- To begin a day with a smooth morning it’s important to let your child sleep on time. Explain the schedule to your child by regularizing the sleep schedule, brushing teeth, getting dressed up, waking up early for breakfast, and other morning inclusions like morning snuggles.

    • Stay connected and put in extra time- Prepare and present a healthy lunch to your child and spend a little extra time with your child when they arrive home from school. Eat together, watch a short tv show together and review your schedule of an evening routine.

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