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      Muslim Baby Names

      Baby Care

      Muslim Baby Names

      Updated on 10 August 2023

      With the blessings of the almighty, you have your new-born in your arms. Naming your baby is the next exciting thing that you are going to do. Surfing the internet for a perfect Muslim baby name can be tedious and confusing. Don’t worry! You need not dive into the pool of Muslim baby names and end up getting confused. We have a list of some beautiful Muslim baby names that can really win your heart. All the names are mentioned with the well explained meaning and hold ethnicity. Hope you will find a beautiful & a meaning name for your bundle of joy.

      Muslim Baby Boy Names

      Name Meaning
      Aabid One who worships
      Aadil One who acts with justice and fairness
      Aamir Full, prosperous
      Aariz Respectable and intelligent man
      Aban Clear, lucid
      Abbas Lion
      Abd Slave or servant
      Abraham Father of a multitude
      Adeel One who acts with justice and fairness
      Adnan Settler or pioneer
      Ahmad Ahmad: The most praised
      Ahmed Praiseworthy or commendable
      Ali High, elevated, or champion
      Ameer Prince or ruler
      Arham Most merciful
      Arsal The one who was sent
      Asal Honey
      Athar Very pious or pure
      Ayaan God’s gift
      Danish A Persian word that means knowledge or wisdom
      Emir Prince or local king
      Faiz Plenty or much good
      Fajr Day break or dawn
      Habib Beloved or most loved
      Hadi Leader or guide
      Hadith History or tradition
      Hakeem Wise or intelligent
      Haider Lion or brave
      Hammad Praiser
      Haris Guardian angel
      Hussain Good, handsome, or beautiful
      Jad Generous
      Jamal Beauty
      Jibran To create good change
      Junaid Soldier or warrior
      Kairo Victorious
      Kamal Perfection and excellence
      Karim Generous or noble
      Khalil Friend
      Maheer Wise
      Malik Lord or ruler
      Misam Beautiful, cute, or attractive
      Mohamed Praised or commendable
      Mohammed Laudable
      Muhammad Praised, thanked
      Moosa Save by the water
      Naif Excess or surplus
      Nasir Helper or one who gives victory
      Nazir Observer or supervisor
      Omar Flourishing or long-lived
      Omari God is the highest
      Rafayet Highness
      Rashad Rightly guided
      Rayan Watered or luxuriant
      Safi Pure
      Salim Safe or undamaged
      Samir Holy or charming companion
      Sibtain Imam Hassan and Hussain Title in urdu
      Tabish Warmth or brilliance
      Talal Nice, admirable
      Talha Fruitful tree from heaven
      Tawfeeq Success or prosperity
      Umair Life and long-lived
      Uzair Helper or strength
      Waqas Combatant, soldier
      Yusuf God increases
      Zayd To prosper
      Zuhayr Sparkling, brilliant
      Zulfiqar Cleaver of the spine
      Zunair Light of the moon, shine

      Muslim Baby Girl Names

      Name Meaning
      Aabidah Worshipper, devotee
      Aakifah Devoted, dedicated
      Aaliyah High exalted, to ascend
      Aamaal Hopes, aspirations, wishes
      Aamira Prosperous, full of life
      Adara Virgin
      Adeela Who execute equitable justice
      Adiva Agreeable, gentle
      Afifa Chaste, virtuous, modest
      Aisha The name of the favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammed
      Aiza A woman with outstanding qualities
      Aleena Fair, beautiful, soft
      Aliyah or Aliyyah High exalted, to ascend, highest social standing
      Amira Princess, wealthy, ruler
      Ayesha Woman life
      Bashirah Bringer of good tidings, joy
      Basma A smile
      Bisma Politely
      Bushra Good news or omen
      Eshaal To kindle or to enliven
      Faiza Successful one or winner
      Fareeha Happy, joyful
      Fareen Blessed, fortunate
      Fatima Captivating
      Hadith History, tradition
      Hafsa Cub or lioness
      Haniya Joy, pleasant, to be happy
      Heba Gift, blessing from God
      Iba High status, exalted, sublime and superb
      Iqra And it belongs to origin
      Jannah Paradise, heaven
      Jasmine Persian flower name
      Junaina Little garden or little paradise
      Khadija The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PUBH)
      Laiba Angel of heaven
      Mahnoor Moonlight
      Mariam Virgin, figurative, or pious
      Maryam Lady of the sea
      Mehar Love, friendship, sun
      Mehreen Sun-like or loveable
      Nadia Shouting girl
      Nazia Proud women
      Neha Loving, affectionate, rain
      Noor Light or shine
      Nura Light
      Nyasia Most beautiful one
      Rabiah Monks or dervishes who abandon worldly possessions
      Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise
      Rida Contentment and state of being obedient towards God
      Rimsha Beautiful flower
      Rizwana Beautiful, guardian of heaven
      Saba Soft breeze
      Sadia Princess
      Samaira Night companion in conversation
      Samreen Fruitful, beneficial
      Sana Praise, resplendence, brilliance
      Sehrish Glamorous personality
      Shazana Princess
      Shiza A gift or present
      Shumaila Soorat. Many people with this name have earned fame around the world.
      Sobia Well dressed woman
      Sonia Wise, sensible
      Tanweer Illumination
      Tooba Blessedness, goodness, bliss
      Urwa Support, handhold
      Wajiha Beautiful woman, glorious
      Waseela Female judge
      Yasmin Jasmine flower
      Yusra Ease, comfort, blessedness, prosperous
      Zainab . Generous. Fragrant flower. This name also belongs to the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
      Zara High status, exalted, eastern splendor, princess
      Zarah Coming of dawn, form of Sarah, princess
      Zeenat Decoration, beauty
      Ziya Source of light or radiance
      Zoya Love, life, and desire

      Find More Baby Names Here!

      Do share with us what name did you choose and why? We would love to hear from you. May Allah bless your child!

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      Written by

      sakshi prasad

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