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    Major Milestones and Tips to manage your 8-month-old baby 


    Major Milestones and Tips to manage your 8-month-old baby 

    Updated on 29 January 2022

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    Big moves ahead – 8 months old Milestones, Growth, and Parenting

    Around this time, your little one is probably super busy as she is learning more about the world. They are on their discovering spree – mostly by putting everything in their mouth, of course. Read on to find out about the milestones and growth of your 8-months-old, changes in mother’s life, and much more.

    Development Milestones -


    • Sits unaided
    • Rolls from front to back and vice-versa
    • Can hold objects and pass them from one hand to another
    • Tries to crawl or already crawling
    • Cruises around holding furniture
    • Bangs toys together
    • Bears more weight on legs
    • Can notice things well (eyesight improving)
    • Can hold their own cup/bottle for drinking


    • Feels happy in front of the mirror
    • Recognizes familiar faces
    • Responds and makes sounds back
    • Makes sounds for different needs and emotions such as happy or frustrated sounds
    • Responds to name
    • Taste and touch senses are developing
    • Reacts on seeing a stranger such as crying, fear, reaching back to parents
    • Spots and points out the objects they want
    • Understands simple and basic words
    • Babbles sounds such as “m” or “b”

    Your baby’s routine will probably look something like this -


    • Can sleep up to 10-12 hours without feeding
    • Separation anxiety can make bedtime more challenging
    • Teething discomforts may trouble the baby


    • Offer lumpy, soft, and finger foods
    • Breastmilk and formula are still the staple food
    • Sipping practice should be encouraged by offering an open cup


    • Play games like peek-a-boo
    • Expose her to small toys such as boxes, soft blocks
    • The conversation is a must


    • Hard soaps and bubble bath can irritate the baby’s soft skin
    • Dry the skin completely before dressing her up

    Parenting an eight-month-old baby

    As parents, you are also learning with each passing day. It is good to feel confident about the things you know and it is perfectly ok to not know things and ask for help/suggestions. Taking care of a baby is overwhelming. But it is important to look after yourself too. If you are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy then only you can help your child grow and thrive.

    Sometimes, you will feel frustrated or sad for no reason, this is the time when you should ask someone else to hold the baby for a while. Call your family member/friend or just take some time out for yourself.

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