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    Is it safe to use reusable nursing pads during breastfeeding?

    Written on 8 July 2022

    Many kinds of nursing and breastfeeding pads are available in the market today. These include disposable or one-time use breastfeeding pads or nursing pads and reusable breastfeeding or nursing pads. Of the two, reusable breastfeeding pads are by far the most safe to use.

    Are reusable breast pads safe to use in pregnancy?

    Having understood what to keep in mind while buying reusable breastfeeding pads or nursing pads, let's understand whether these reusable breastfeeding pads or nursing pads are safe to use. Yes! Reusable breast pads are safe to use, but you have to ensure their safety by keeping them clean and hygienic after every use.

    How to ensure that your reusable breast pads & nursing pads are safe & clean?

    1. Always change your breastfeeding pads or nursing pads when they are damp in order to prevent constant moisture around your nipples.

    2. Warm and moist environments are a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal growth, so make sure that the area around your nipples is always dry, clean, and free from moisture.

    3. To maintain the hygiene of the reusable breastfeeding pads and nursing pads, always wash them using boiled and subsequently cooled water. Try to wash the breastfeeding pads and nursing pads separately from other garments and in case you are washing them along with other garments, put them in a laundry pouch and then put them inside the washing machine.

    4. Make sure that the reusable breastfeeding pads and nursing pads are dried well before using them again.

    If cared for and cleaned properly after every use, reusable breastfeeding pads are an eco-friendly, durable, and cost-effective alternative to disposable nursing and breastfeeding pads. Cleaning and drying the breastfeeding pads and nursing pads well after every use will ensure that they are always safe to use during your pregnancy and post-delivery-when you are breastfeeding your baby.

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    What to look for while purchasing nursing pads?

    Before buying nursing or breastfeeding pads, it is extremely important to understand what to look for in a good breastfeeding or nursing pad.

    1. Comfortable & Soft

    Make sure you buy breastfeeding or nursing pads that are comfortable to wear. The breast pads act like a second skin for your breasts. Breast pads should be super soft and they should not stick to your nipples when wet.

    2. Absorbency

    The main purpose of breast pads is to protect the mother’s clothes from milk leakage. To ensure this, choose breastfeeding pads or nursing pads that are highly absorbent.

    3. Full Coverage

    The breastfeeding pads or nursing pads should cover a fair portion of your breasts in order to prevent bunching, which would otherwise make the breast pads more noticeable in your clothes.

    4. Should contour to breast shape

    Breastfeeding pads and nursing pads should be contoured enough to cup your breasts like a bra. A good fit will prevent the breastfeeding pads or nursing pads from moving and bunching inside your bra. A well-contoured breastfeeding pad or nursing pad will also prevent you from having embarrassing peek-a-boo moments.

    If you’re looking for reliable reusable breastfeeding and nursing pads, you can try Mylo’s reusable, washable and dry feel nursing pads are your go-to reusable nursing pads and breastfeeding pads. Made from three layers-a breathable outer layer, a highly absorbent middle layer and a super soft inner layer, these breastfeeding pads and nursing pads are easy to use and can be easily carried anywhere. The 3D contoured shape of Mylo’s breastfeeding and nursing pads makes them very comfortable to wear. They also make your breasts look au naturel. With a diameter of 4.5 inches, Mylo’s breastfeeding pads and nursing pads offer leakproof coverage for the mother and can easily fit cup sizes ranging from B to D. Mylo gives you two pairs of breastfeeding pads and nursing pads, along with a complimentary laundry pouch that can be used while washing the nursing and breastfeeding pads.

    It is recommended that pregnant women buy at least six pairs of reusable breastfeeding pads and nursing pads. If one or two pairs are in the wash, three are available for use throughout the day and you can keep an extra pair aside for emergency use. So don’t worry about safety, just go and buy your reusable breastfeeding pads and nursing pads today!

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