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    How to shop sensibly for your baby: Here's a checklist

    Written on 14 August 2018

    Whenever you choose to do your shopping, we hope to make your task easier with this list of things you will need for a newborn. It is tempting to think that when your baby is born, you will need lots of expensive equipment. In fact, you can do with very little. Although the below list is made to simplify your task You can omit what you don't need from here and add whatever you need.

    • Nappies. Newborn babies need their nappies changed 10-12 times a day. So buy enough nappies for at least the first few days. If you plan to use cotton nappies, it is a good idea to have at least one packet of disposable nappies handy for visits to the doctor's or just in case none of the cotton nappies have dried in time. If you are getting some nappies sewn, choose soft, absorbent cotton material. Readymade cotton nappies are available in the market with drawstrings, so you do not need to use nappy pins. See that you wash and iron the nappies before you use them on your baby. Ironing helps kill extra germs that linger on the clean cloth.

    Else, moms nowadays prefer to use washable and reusable cloth diapers with absorbent insert pads which not only helps keep your baby's bottom rash - free but is also eco-friendly and easy on pocket.

    • Baby wipes. These are for cleaning your baby's bum during nappy changes. You may prefer to wash with water and cotton wool most of the time but these wipes can come in handy during the night or when out of the house.
    • Changing area. You could choose a changing mat, a protective plastic sheet or a waterproof extra absorbent dry sheet that you can place on your bed as and when needed, a baby mackintosh or a changing unit with drawers underneath. This will depend on the space in your room and your budget.
    • 3-4 pairs of cotton socks and 2 -3 cotton hats Socks and hats are useful in all seasons because as newborns do not regulate their body temperature well, it is best to cover their heads and feet. Even in summer, these will protect them from drafts from the fan, cooler or air conditioner for example. You can check out our range of Antibacterial BAby Socks which are breathable and sweat resistant.
    • 3 - 4 pairs of cotton mittens Newborns can also have long nails which can be fluky. Mittens will prevent your little one from scratching himself.
    • Six small bibs. Babies often bring up milk while burping. The bibs will protect your baby's clothes and can be changed more often. Try using a burp cloth while burping your baby to avoid spill over your clothes.
    • 8-10 small hand towels or napkins. Your baby needs to burp after every feed and will often spit out a bit of milk as well. These cotton cloths or towels can be placed on your shoulder as you burp your baby and so protect your clothes as well as be used to clean up your baby after.
    • Baby washing powder or detergent. Newborns have very delicate skin so using a mild baby washing product for your baby's clothes is a good idea.
    • A cot . You will find that if your baby is used to sleeping in a cot from birth, you will not find it difficult to move him onto his own bed and then room when he is older. If you'd like him to sleep with you in your bed, make sure your bed and bedding are safe for co - sleeping
    • A bumper . If you choose to use a cot, you might find a bumper to cushion the sides of the cot useful. This way your baby's hands or feet cannot go between the rails. This is an optional accessory for the cot though that you can do without.
    • 4 - 5 sheets. Sheets might get dirty with spit-up milk or in case you use cotton nappies, urine so it is helpful to have a few.
    • 3-4 wrap around blankets . After nine months in the womb, babies like feeling swaddled or bundled up. You can use lighter blankets in hot weather and warmer ones in cold weather.
    • Bath tub or bath bed. You will find giving your baby a bath much easier if you have a baby bath tub or a newborn bath bed that helps you hold your baby securely.
    • 3-4 towels . You can use these for after the bath and to lay your baby on during an oil massage.Toiletries . You will need a rounded comb or soft brush, a mild baby soap and shampoo, massage oil, a baby nail cutter and a good nappy rash cream in case you use disposable nappies. Other useful toiletries could include baby moisturiser cream, baby talc powder and ear buds to dry the nooks and crannies of your baby's ear after a bath.
    • Car seat . Choose a rear-facing car seat, if you have a car. Make sure the seat suits the specifications of your car.
    • Pram . Prams are useful for trips to the mall, while travelling, and even sometimes at home to soothe a crying baby. Choose a pram, a pushchair or a stroller that is suitable for newborn babies (with a lie-flat position).
    • Bottles. If you plan to bottle-feed your baby, you will need between four and six bottles as well as a bottle brush to clean them. You can sterilize the bottles either in boiling water over the gas or in a steam steriliser.
    • A baby bag. This will help when you go out with your baby. It has separate sections, where you can keep nappies, clean clothes, a feeding bottle, baby wipes, tissue paper and medicine.
    • Mosquito net . If mosquitoes are a threat in your area, a cot mosquito net will help to protect your baby.
    • Medicines. Ask your doctor which medicines you can give your baby for common problems like fever. Store the medicines in cool place..
    • Baby cupboard . For all the new things you are getting, you will need some more storage space. What you buy will depend on the space you have and your budget.
    • Hence, above is a list of all the necessities that a new born will need. We hope the list has helped you in some ways!
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