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Getting a baby to a sound sleep is what every mother wishes for. A baby cot is a safest place where a baby can be close to you and can have a comfortable space of his own too. A baby cradle can be placed just next to your bed for easy feeding and makes it convenient to cuddle even. There are many options available for baby cots online. Baby cot wooden usually have wheels for easy mobility and comes with wheel locks for security. There is also an option to choose baby cots with storage to keep the baby stuff reachable and organised.

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Buy Baby Cot at Mylo 

A baby cot is scientifically designed to make your baby feel that he/she is in their mother’s arms. Let your baby sleep peacefully in a smooth baby cot.  


Buy Baby Cot Online 

Picking and choosing from a range of baby cot can be headache. But do lookout for the sturdiness and functionality offered by the baby cot while selecting one.  


Why buy Baby Cot from Mylo? 

Mylo’s baby cot provides protection as well as comfort for your little one. Get a baby cot with excellent craftsmanship designed to be sturdy and functional at the same time for your little one.


Baby Cot Price List 

Buy Baby Cot at Mylo  Price
Mylo Essentials Kimberly Baby Wooden Cot cum Desk with Wheel 12999
Mylo Essentials Noah Baby Wooden Cot with Rocker & Wheel 13999



1. Ques: Is it safe to place your baby in a cot to sleep? 

Ans - Ans: It is safe to let your baby be placed inside the cot as it comfortable and safe due to the breathable fabric of the baby cot .


2. Ques: Where should the cot be kept? 

Ans - Ans: Try and place the cot near to your bed and not move around so frequently .


3. Ques: Is the cot comfortable? 

Ans - Ans: Yes, the cot is comfortable enough for your little one to sleep peacefully .

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