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    Diet & Nutrition

    Guide: Following A Healthy Diet During Your First Trimester Of Pregnancy

    Written on 19 September 2019

    The diet you follow during your entire course of pregnancy can indeed have a great impact on your child. It can help your baby develop and grow throughout its journey in the womb. Therefore, it thus becomes important to consume foods rich in various nutrients. If you have recently become a new mother or are in your first month of pregnancy, then following a diet chart for first month pregnancy can be quite beneficial.

    If you are already on medication, then it is high time you consider learning more about what foods to include and what foods to not include when consuming medicines. This is because medications can cause side effects if combined with certain types of foods. Therefore, this can indirectly or directly affect the growth of your child.

    How To Follow A First Trimester Pregnancy Diet Plan

    You can have a cheat day once a week when sticking to your first month pregnancy food chart. However, you mustn't overeat certain junk foods. As a result, this is because excessive intake of anything might be harmful to your baby.

    A super-nutritious diet can aid in the proper growth of your baby's brain. Furthermore, it can result in healthy fetal growth as well as a lower chance of several birth abnormalities. Indeed, you should consider eating a well-balanced diet, particularly if you have anemia or other unpleasant pregnancy disorders. Fatigue and morning sickness are two of the known symptoms.

    A Basic First Month Pregnancy Diet Plan

    A basic first-month food chart is provided below for your convenience. There are various advantages to maintaining a pregnancy diet plan. First, you will be able to monitor your consumption, assuring your excellent health and the nutrition of your baby. Furthermore, you can also personalize your pregnancy eating plan by including a quota for your favorite meals.

    You can consider following this food chart if you wish to track the status of your diet. The diet provided below is a south Indian non-vegetarian diet.


    For breakfast, you can try having Indian pancakes or idli with coconut chutney. For your morning snack, consider having bananas with curd. For lunch, you can have soya beans with rice along with curry leaves chutney. Keep your afternoon snack time simple. You can have potato salad or corn. Apart from that, you can include chicken breast along with rice and salad for dinner.


    On a completely fresh day, lemonade, cilantro chutney, and roti can indeed make a fantastic breakfast. You can also have pears as a snack. Pomegranate curry and chicken fry, along with chapati can be served for lunch.

    You can allow yourself to be a bit more flexible during your next mealtime. Therefore, you can consume anything you want, but only within a certain limit. You can also indulge in some junk food if you so desire. However, maintain a strict limit on the quantity you ingest. Bitter Gourd, as well as mutton with rice, can be an excellent part of your dinner.


    Try having a good amount of nutrition during breakfast. You could include potatoes, mangoes, and wholegrain. You can have apples as snacks. Mung beans and chapati can be served for lunch. This evening, you can try something different for your snacks. Consider adding maize or salad to your menu. You can also cook non-veg biryani for dinner.


    Try having oatmeal with coffee for breakfast on Saturdays. You could indeed go out and get some cocoa candy or eat whatever you want for treats. Consider consuming brinjal curry along with wheat for lunch. You could also include a fresh juice or beverage for your next mealtime. Dinner can then consist of spring onions, shrimps, and quinoa.


    Breakfast with coconut water can provide the necessary detoxification. You can also have semolina dosa with minty curry for brunch. Consider snacking on ripe avocado. Spinach and cheddar cheese can be served for lunch. After that, you can have oat milk for your next meal. Dinner options include black-eyed peas, mango curry, and fish.


    Oats with nuts might be included as a brunch option. Include ripe mangoes like or sapodilla as appetizers. Lunch might consist of spicy beans or shrimp. You could have a carrot dish or something sweet for your next snack time. Consider consuming eggplant with salmon for dinner!


    Soy protein bits for the morning, jeera drink, almonds for nibbles, shrimp as well as grains for lunch, berries for snacking, and beetroot curry with chicken breast for dinner can be indeed quite refreshing. Make your meal as basic as possible so that you can adhere to it.

    Customizing Your Diet Plan For First Trimester

    Apart from that, you can also keep Saturday as a cheat day so that you can eat whatever you want. Thus, this way, you will be able to satisfy your cravings in a much better way. Many individuals usually find it quite difficult to stick to their first-trimester food chart. This is probably because they cut out their favorite junk right from the start, therefore being a bit hard on themselves.

    If you wish to customize your first trimester pregnancy food chart, it is a recommendation that you consult with your dietician first. Your dietician will recommend a few food items that you can include in your diet effortlessly.


    Tracking your entire diet plan throughout the first month of your pregnancy can indeed make it much easier for your body to stick to a pregnancy first trimester diet chart. Furthermore, it keeps you engaged throughout the day. You may also combine foods and tailor your meal plan accordingly. Aside from that, vegans can adhere to the above-mentioned timetable while avoiding non-vegetarian foods.

    Again, it is critical to see your gynecologist monthly to keep a close eye on both your baby and you. If you want to incorporate something odd into your diet, consulting with your doctor might be quite useful. He or she may recommend a couple of extra nutritious snacks for you to enjoy during the day!

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