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    Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy Implantation That Every Woman Should Be Aware of

    Written on 6 May 2017

    Have you lately been trying to conceive? Or have you experienced a few symptoms that could probably be due to pregnancy? Well, you do not have to worry at all. This article will help you realize a few signs and symptoms related to pregnancy implantation discharge.

    If you aren’t experiencing any symptoms, it may be essential to realize that such a situation does not mean you’re not pregnant. Many women usually do not share any signs of conception until they get a home pregnancy test that turns out to be positive. In fact, the same applies to women who experience various implantation symptoms. Not all women may experience bleeding related to implantation.

    Is Implantation Bleeding Common Today?

    Implantation bleeding is quite a common circumstance today. In fact, this type of bleeding is way different compared to normal menstrual bleeding. When it comes to implantation bleeding, you do not strictly need any sanitary pads.

    One can make use of panty liners to prevent staining. To ensure that the signs and symptoms you are experiencing are typical, it may be vital for you to book an appointment with your gynecologist. Sometimes, heavy bleeding may also indicate a failed conception or an underlying serious health condition.

    Common Symptoms That Come With Implantation

    There is no doubt that women trying to conceive take extra care of their bodies and pay close attention to every change happening within their bodies. After getting the confirmed positive implantation bleeding pregnancy test, you’ll lookout for early pregnancy symptoms. Not all women experience these symptoms. Mentioned below are some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy implantation:

    Spotting/Implantation bleeding.

    Your main question right now is probably -when does implantation bleeding occur? After fertilizing eggs, you’ll notice a light brown or pinkish stain that can last for 3-4 days which is called Implantation bleeding.

    Most women mistake it as a sign of failed pregnancy, but it is entirely different from red menstrual bleeding. Only a panty liner can save you, and there will be no need for sanitary pads. Avoid using tampons in this phase.


    The changes in your hormones will lead to mild cramping, but it’ll be different from menstrual cramping. The recurrent cramping can be felt in your lower back and abdomen. If the pain gets too extreme or severe, it may be time to contact your doctor. Severe cramping could also indicate other underlying extremities.

    Soreness Of The Breasts

    After implantation, the changes in your hormones can make your breasts swollen and tender. Your breasts will become very sensitive to touch because there will be changes in your HCG, progesterone, and estrogen hormones. It will also affect melanocytes (nipple cells) and darken the areolas.

    Fluctuations In Your BBT (Basal body temperature)

    After opening your eyes in the morning, before even stepping out of your bed, you’ll monitor your body temperature if you are actively trying to get pregnant. BBT increases due to the high progesterone levels during ovulation, and during implantation, the body temperature will dip below 98.6, and it will suddenly rise.

    Frequent Urination

    The blood around the pelvic area increases, which puts stress on your bladder, and you will feel the need to urinate more often. However, frequent urination may happen during your average menstrual period as well. Therefore, make sure not to get confused between menstrual period and implantation bleeding.

    Aversion (Food craving)

    You might crave specific foods due to a surge in hormones, and you will also feel an intense aversion to some particular food items that you don’t usually eat. Moreover, there will be an immense change in your appetite. You may also realize that you are getting hungry comparatively faster, probably right after having a heavy meal.

    Apart from that, you may also have cravings for unusual foods or even inedible items. Yet again, make sure to be aware of your surroundings and not give in to the cravings. You can consider having a meal four times a day to keep your cravings in check. Besides, following a pregnancy diet chart could turn out to be of great help.

    Hot Flashes

    During implantation, hot flashes can happen due to the dynamic changes in your hormones. You can relieve this problem by limiting spicy foods and other edibles. In fact, you may have to be mindful of what you consume during this stage.

    Sometimes, smoking may also cause hot flashes. Therefore, if you are an occasional smoker, it may be time for you to quit smoking during your pregnancy phase altogether. Practicing various mind therapies can also be extremely helpful in relieving multiple problems related to hot flashes.

    Cervical Mucus

    There will be an increased flow of the cervical mucus due to the changes in your hormones.

    Mood Swings

    You'll be experiencing rapid changes in your mood swings due to the changes in your hormones. It can range from crying at one moment and suddenly feeling elated the very next minute. Seeking support from your partner or family could turn out to be highly beneficial during this stage.

    Apart from that, you can also consider going out on romantic dates with your spouse. This is sure to elevate your mood as well as keep you serene. Besides, an elevated mood also has numerous positive effects on your mental state.


    The rising levels of progesterone will make your belly bloat like a balloon. However, if bloating is accompanied by stomach pain, it may be vital for you to visit a doctor.

    Nausea, Headache, And Fatigue

    You will experience morning sickness, indigestion, and constipation for the first few weeks. Due to the rising levels of HCG and progesterone, your senses of smelling will also be highly affected. The surging hormones will make you feel restless the whole day and have some headaches.


    Considering all the signs mentioned above and symptoms, one can easily confirm their implantation spotting. Consider taking a pregnancy test at home to be sure of your pregnancy news. Apart from that, you can also consider visiting your gynecologist to learn more. If the news of your pregnancy is confirmed, it may be vital for you to see your doctor at least twice a month.

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