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    Numerous reasons for having 1 in million life partner

    Written on 11 February 2021

    My list is bit long so here giving only 14 reasons of having 1 in million life partner

    1. He's perfect husband who believes household work is not only meant for women.

    2. Daily helps me and mother in law in cooking and other work too. He's a wonderful chef.

    3. During lockdown I was pregnant and had craving of having icecream at night. He visited so many places and got me what I wanted. All through out pregnancy he was my support pillar.

    4. I was given a bed rest during pregnancy, he stayed at my mother's place for a month, took care of me, helped my mom in her household work, did every possible thing to comfort me.

    5. I was in pain due to health issues during pregnancy and he used to cry for me.

    6. He loves, cares and handles baby better than me. Never hesitated to clean potty or make him bath.

    7. He supports me for regaining my health post delivery. Manages work and baby so that I can go for walk and can do some exercise.

    8. Whether it's our anniversary or my birthday, his gifts and surprises are the best. He knows what suits me better than me.

    9. Before I even ask he presents me with the thing I want. Once I mentioned that I do not have makeup kit and on the next occasion I had that. I always wanted to cycle and I got that. Such is his love for me.

    10. He doesnt have that male ego at all. He encourages me do different activities like driving or learning bike. He respects my choice my likings

    11. He takes great care of my parents like his own.

    12. He's my best friend. We enjoy each other company so much that we don't any friends. I love to play badminton and he's there as opponent. We always have each other's company.

    13. He supports me when my mother in law and I have fight and whenever she's wrong. Always explains my point of view to her.

    14. He sees all my dreams as his own. I want to explore world and he too wants same. Together we want to fulfill our dream.

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