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    Climb Stairs During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy Journey

    Climb Stairs During Pregnancy

    Updated on 12 May 2023

    Climbing stairs during pregnancy is an excellent form of exercise because the expectant mother will be strengthening her muscles and improving her stamina. It also allows expectant mothers to breathe in fresh air, which will improve their mood (which is important during pregnancy). In addition to this, climbing stairs regularly can allow expectant mothers to burn excess calories even if their favourite pastime or hobby does not require much physical exertion.

    Is Stair Climbing Safe in The Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

    Yes, it is safe to climb stairs during pregnancy third trimester. Pregnant women can continue to use the stairs without risk as long as their pregnancies are progressing normally. Many doctors recommend that pregnant women take the stairs instead of the elevator because it helps build endurance and strengthens muscles (which will help you carry your baby more easily).

    As long as the mother is feeling well, stair climbing in pregnancy poses no harm to the mother or child. Climbing stairs slowly and carefully will help to avoid injury and dizziness. If the pregnant mother feels dizzy at any point while climbing stairs, she should stop climbing and rest until she feels better. If the flight of stairs is long and winding, the pregnant mother should consider taking an elevator instead of walking up flights of stairs.

    Does Stair Climbing Help in Regular Delivery?

    Climbing stairs in pregnancy can expand the pregnant woman’s pelvis, allowing the baby to descend and engage deeper, pressing on your cervix to facilitate dilation. The back-and-forth uneven tilting motion caused by stair climbing also assists infants in shifting and rotating.

    Climbing stairs during pregnancy regularly during pregnancy assists pregnant women by keeping them active and increasing blood circulation. In addition, a physically fit woman who has exercised daily during her pregnancy is better prepared to deal with the stress and physical exertion of labour and delivery.

    How Many Steps Should a Pregnant Woman Walk?

    According to research, pregnant women can walk a minimum of 6000 steps each day, especially if they have gestational diabetes. Women who are expecting or who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes can safely engage in walking as long as they consult with their doctors first.

    Moreover, research also shows that regular exercise can aid blood sugar management by facilitating the use of glucose. Moderate activity, such as walking or other exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist, can help you maintain your physical health and strength during pregnancy.

    What Should I Avoid Doing When Pregnant?

    • It is dangerous and irresponsible to drink alcohol during pregnancy. An alcoholic beverage consumed by a pregnant woman will cause harm to the developing baby since it will pass through the placenta. This is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

    • Foods with a high mercury concentration should be avoided. Fish, unpasteurised meals, raw eggs, and sprouts are all high risk. Mercury is found in trace amounts in practically all foods and is not harmful. On the other hand, the amount of mercury in fish is relatively high, which can be problematic because it can impair the baby's vision and hearing.

    • Even though it's okay to have a small amount of caffeine while pregnant, keep in mind that it can pass through the placenta; some studies suggest that caffeine in high doses can cause a miscarriage, but this has not yet been proven.

    • Taking prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and supplements while pregnant is risky. This is because the unborn child shares the mother's blood supply. Drugs can pass the placenta and harm the baby's health if they are in the bloodstream. No prescription is completely safe to use while pregnant, but some are more important and safer than others.

    • A woman who is pregnant shouldn't get any Botox treatments while she is pregnant. This is because toxins are injected into your bloodstream when you get Botox, which you should try to avoid until after the baby is born.

    • Skiing, horseback riding, and ice skating can hurt you and should be avoided during pregnancy.

    • Pregnant women should avoid X-rays, Lead, Mercury, and pesticides that they don't need to be around. These things have been linked to congenital disabilities and miscarriages, so it's best to stay away from them.


    To summarise, all this makes it clear that climbing stairs during pregnancy is one of the best ways for pregnant women to exercise and stay in shape during their gestation period so that they can give birth to a healthy baby.


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