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    Can A Maternity Bra Prevent Your Breasts From Getting Itchy During Pregnancy And While Breastfeeding?

    Written on 8 July 2022

    You might have experienced nausea as well as vomiting during pregnancy. However, that’s not it. You might have to encounter numerous other issues, including insomnia, unusual cravings, or even itchy boobs! In fact, you may experience itchy breasts while breastfeeding as well. In such situations, purchasing a Maternity bra could be pretty helpful!

    There are numerous causes related to itchy nipples, especially during pregnancy. Most of the reasons are usually due to hormonal fluctuations and skin rashes. Apart from that, you might have to encounter circumstances involving a visit to the doctor. There are many reasons associated with itchy breasts; the following aspects can help you determine if the issue is severe or not.

    What Are The Main Causes Of Rashes In Your Chest Region During Pregnancy?

    Hormonal Changes

    The hormonal fluctuations you experience during pregnancy might end up going a bit overboard. In fact, as your delivery date comes closer and closer, there may be an increase in overdrive. Thus, as the changes come by, you are sure to experience numerous other symptoms. A few of these symptoms include itchy breast skin. Apart from that, this condition is quite common in multiple pregnant women.

    Stretching Of The Skin

    Since your baby is growing bigger inside your womb, your tummy is stretched to accommodate the baby’s weight and size. Eventually, you may experience weight gain as well as indented lines on your skin. This condition is known as striae gravidarum or stretch marks. As these stretch marks form, you tend to experience itching or even burning of the skin in most conditions.

    Apart from that, you may find these indented lines in different colors. One day it may appear red; the other day, it may appear purple or even pink. With time, these marks eventually fade and become lighter, sometimes covering significant parts of your skin.


    Eczema during pregnancy can develop in the last month of your pregnancy. In fact, you might develop unusual patches around your breasts or unexpected parts of your body. If you find any of these patches, you do not have to worry. Apart from itching, you may experience scaly skin, raised bumps as well as red patches. If any of these situations cause unbearable itchiness, consider seeking medical attention immediately.


    In this condition, you may find raised bumps near your chest region. In fact, these bumps might look like small bug bites. Prurigo is a condition when your immune system reacts to the changes occurring in your body during pregnancy. One might have to bear Prurigo for a month or two. In some cases, Prurigo might continue even after your delivery!


    Intertrigo is a term used to describe a rash that may develop around your breasts. This condition is not specific to pregnancy. In fact, one can establish these rashes at any time, primarily due to heat or moisture.

    How Helpful Are Maternity Bras During Pregnancy?

    Becoming pregnant during the summer season might elevate your itchy condition. Although you might have experienced a change in your breast size already, you might have to prepare for cracked nipples. As you explore this journey of pregnancy, consider taking a look at your current bra size. You would want to shift to a more flexible bra, also called a nursing bra, in order to allow ventilation in your chest region.

    Thus, opting for a maternity bra, especially during this stage, could be pretty helpful. You can buy a maternity bra that is supportive. In fact, make sure to choose a bra that isn’t too tight or too loose. If needed, you can also consider getting your bra fitted. You may also want to keep in mind the fact that breast size can change even after delivery.

    How Does A Nursing Bra Help Before And After Delivery?

    A maternity bra can provide a lot of space for your breasts to grow during pregnancy. In fact, there is a stream of airflow created, thus helping to reduce the development of rashes or itchiness around your breasts.

    Numerous nursing bras also have clips near the straps to help you adjust your bras more efficiently, especially during pregnancy. Consider practicing the art of pulling down the straps with just one hand since it can come to great use after your baby is delivered.

    It is a recommendation that you consider getting a re-measured fitted maternity bra when you are very close to your delivery date. Thus, this way, you can ensure well-fitted maternity bras even after delivery. Apart from that, a nursing maternity moulded spacer cup bra size chart can also help you determine which maternity bra is suited for your breast size.

    Although you might feel like your breasts are growing bigger every day, maternity bras are sure to satisfy the primary purpose, which is to provide comfort and relief before as well as after delivery. Since the milk supply is constantly changing when breastfeeding, this might affect the size of your breasts too. In such situations, it can be helpful to get your nursing maternity moulded spacer cup bra size fitted again.

    What Kind Of A Maternity Bra Should You Consider Purchasing?

    Numerous women usually go braless. Some might even opt for a stretchy top that is easy to lift while breastfeeding. You can purchase a nursing cami or even a tankini. Yet again, a maternity bra can turn out to be way more helpful than you think! You do not have to purchase a frumpy bra. There are many maternity bras today that are comfortable as well as quite stylish.

    Thus, these maternity bras are definitely worth your money! Many shops today also provide maternity pants that match your maternity bras. Indeed, with all these unusual changes happening in your body, it may be beneficial for you to pamper yourselves with comfortable maternity bras! Therefore, consider purchasing a nursing maternity moulded spacer cup bra online today!

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