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    Is it safe to wear a shape wear camisole during your pregnancy?

    Written on 6 July 2022

    Along with that lovely glow of pregnancy, comes a host of dos and don'ts for the mother-to-be.

    One of the questions that constantly bothers a pregnant woman is whether or not it is safe to wear a shapewear camisole during pregnancy.

    Let Mylo help you out with this dilemma. It is COMPLETELY SAFE for a pregnant woman to wear a shapewear camisole-be it nursing camisoles or nursing tank tops, during pregnancy. Your baby is safely nestled inside your womb and is extremely well-cushioned by the surrounding amniotic fluid, so the mild compression by the shapewear camisole will not harm your baby in any way.

    If the shapewear camisole, nursing camisole or nursing tank top is too tight and is causing unwanted pressure on different body areas, then you should immediately stop wearing it! The right shapewear camisoles, nursing camisoles and nursing tank tops will allow you to easily move, breathe and sleep without any restrictions or pain throughout the day and the night-and this is exactly what Mylo’s plus size shapewear camisoles, nursing camisoles and nursing tank tops do.

    Made with a premium super soft 4-way stretchable fabric, Mylo’s shapewear camisoles offer a comfortable fit for your growing body. The nursing camisole is made from a highly stretchable fabric that hugs your body and stretches with your growing body. The adjustable shoulder straps of the wire free camisole help to accommodate fluctuations in your cup size as the pregnancy progresses. Designed as a long shapewear camisole and a long nursing camisole, the camisole provides you with full coverage throughout the day and throughout the night. You can even layer it up and wear it when you go baby shopping or for your doctor visits. The shapewear camisole is also perfect to wear when you simply have to go out to satisfy your pregnancy cravings!

    Post delivery, the shapewear camisole can also be used as a nursing camisole or a nursing tank top. The shapewear camisole has easy drop down cups and one hand nursing clasps that make it easier for the new mother to breastfeed her baby and even pump her milk.

    So, our gorgeous mammas-to be what are you waiting for? Buy Mylo’s shapewear camisole today!


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