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    Diet & Nutrition

    Is it okay to fast during Pregnancy?

    Written on 16 October 2019

    Meta: Fasting during pregnancy? Here’s how you can maintain a healthy weight and thereby a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy

    How will I deal with the prospect of fast during pregnancy?

    If you maintain a healthy weight and have a generally healthy lifestyle, you will likely have an easier time adjusting to fasting. The nutrients your kid need are provided by you, and if your body has sufficient energy reserves, fasting is likely to have a less detrimental effect.

    The following factors will influence how your body responds to fasting:

    • Your overall state of health before becoming pregnant

    • At the stage of your pregnancy, you're currently at.

    • The length of time you fast throughout the day - this might vary between 11 and 18 hours depending on the time of year

    Because of the longer days and greater temperatures during the summer months, fasting is likely to be more difficult for you than during the winter months.

    What can I do to make fasting in pregnancy a little more bearable?

    Maintain as much hydration as possible. Suhoor is a hot place, so stay in the shade, don't push yourself too hard, and drink lots of fluids while you're there. When you're pregnant, you'll need to drink more fluids than normal, so choose meals high in water content, such as stews and soups.

    Constipation might occur due to changes in your eating habits and the lack of water. Eat a variety of high-fiber meals when you break your fast, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, among other things.

    Fasting may often result in indigestion, particularly if you eat before dawn and then return to bed after a while. Try to consume small meals often during non-fasting hours, and if at all possible, avoid items rich in fat or salt.

    Take things slowly and graciously accept assistance when it is provided. Even if your family and friends remain up late, you may need to devote extra quiet and peaceful time to Ramadan this year.

    Consult with relatives or friends who have experienced fasting while pregnant for advice and recommendations.

    Avoid walking long distances or carrying anything too heavy.

    Reduce the amount of housekeeping and other activities that drain your energy.

    So, what is the most effective approach to break my fast?

    • If possible, try to eat gently at Iftar. Start with light meals such as soups to get your metabolism going. It is also advisable to consume foods that contain natural sugars, such as fruits and milky drinks since they will provide you with much-needed energy.

    • After you've broken your fast, choose meals that include a healthy mix of starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and protein sources such as well-cooked meat, fish, eggs, or beans. This will aid in the healthy development of your child.

    • Choose complex carbs such as whole grains and nuts and high-fiber meals such as pulses and dried fruits to help you lose weight. Because they release energy gradually, they will aid in keeping you going. Instead of high-fat, processed meals, eat more nutritious alternatives such as potatoes or chickpeas.

    • Consume little amounts of food more often if possible, and drink lots of fluids such as water, low-sugar drinks, and caffeine-free beverages to help you keep properly hydrated.

    • Avoid eating many sugary meals since this can cause your blood sugar levels to rise fast. When this happens, your blood sugar levels may decrease rapidly, causing you to feel faint and disoriented.

    I'm still undecided about whether or not I should fast. What should I do in this situation?

    Before you begin, request that your midwife do a general health check on you. Then, you get medical advice to assist you in making your choice. You may want to consider doing a trial fast for a day or two to see how you feel and then returning to your midwife or doctor for a check-up if it seems like you need one.


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