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    Top 10 Precautions you must take while Celebrating Christmas and New Year During Covid 

    Written on 24 December 2020

    The holiday season looks undoubtedly different this year, with the spread of Covid-19 and has people wondering if they would be able to celebrate during the pandemic.

    To ensure a fun and safe celebration this year, there are a few safety tips you need to keep in mind that can help you enjoy Christmas & New Year while minimising any risk.

    1. Keep a tab on your health

    Whether you have decided to attend or host a party, it is critical to check with yourself for any signs of illness such as fever, cough or a sore throat. It is your responsibility to call off a party, if you see any signs of illness. As the impact of covid-19 varies in individuals, what may feel mild in your case can severely impact others.

    2. Keep your mask, sanitizer and gloves ready

    Whether you are heading out or have people at home, be sure to wear a mask properly and wash hands often, for a minimum of 20 seconds. In case there isn’t a soap available, use a sanitizer to cleanse your hands.

    3. Take all your essential items

    In case you decide to spend the new year somewhere else, make sure to keep all your overnight essentials with you. It can include clothes, medication, glasses as well as a mask and a sanitizer.

    4. Keep your guest list to a minimum

    If you plan to host a party, invite a limited number of people to prevent the risk of spreading covid-19. To host a safe party, keep a hand sanitizer station at the front door and have a soap dispenser fully stocked in every bathroom. Avoid sharing any dishes and have extra masks in case required.

    5. Attending a party

    Be sure to take your mask and sanitizer with you. In case you notice anyone coughing or complaining about an illness, it’s best to leave the party or maintain a reasonable distance from them.

    6. Limit your contact with commonly touched items

    While attending a party, minimise your interaction with commonly touched and shared surfaces. In case of any interaction, you can wash your hands with soap thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer. You can also wear gloves to avoid direct touch with your hands.

    7. Avoid visiting an older relative

    While they may be happy to see you, it is important to exercise caution for the safety and health of your loved ones. As older people are vulnerable, the general rule is pretty straightforward i.e., avoid gathering around people who are at a high risk to succumb to covid-19.

    8. Consider social distancing in case of an outdoor event

    If there is an open event, make sure you keep physical distancing in mind. If the outdoor temperature requires you to have sidewalls to the tent, consider leaving one or more sides open to improve the ventilation.

    9. Order food from a known place

    In case of ordering food from outside, make sure to learn whether the place follows hygiene practices such as wearing a mask and gloves while making food. Order from a reliable place to minimize the chance of any infection or contamination. Once you receive your order, transfer the food to microwave-safe containers and heat them in a microwave to get rid of any germs.

    10. Drive safe

    Driving under the influence of alcohol on New Year’s Eve can be dangerous. It is important to never drink and drive. In case you are in doubt about your ability to drive safely, take an alternative means of transportation or ask your sober friend to drive you home.


    Remember this year we need to celebrate responsibly and be safe. There are other ways to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s as well. All you need to is be a little creative. In case you decide to venture outside, take proper precautions to celebrate while minimising the risk of being infected.

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