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Infant (0-1 Years)

Congratulations, you have a baby! Don't know where to start? Mylo family is here to help. Our newborn and baby resources will guide you through this exciting parenting journey.

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Who is an infant?

An infant is a formal synonym for the common term that we all use which is ‘baby’. In colloquial use, an infant is one who is up to one month old. 

What is Infancy?

Infancy is the period of time between when a child is born till they acquiring of a language which is approximately at the age of one to two years. 

Development of Infant 

The development of infants includes milestones where they learn to play, learn, speak, behave, crawl, move and eventually walk. 

Stages of Sensory Development 

The stages of sensory development begin from the gestation period and continue through the childhood period. The infancy period includes how infants stimulate the senses which include sensory processes of taste, touch, smell, hearing, seeing, and movement sensations. 

Stages of Language Development 

The stages of language development include the pre-linguistic stage, babbling stage, holophrastic stage, two-word stage, telegraphic stage, and multi-word stage which is critical for a child’s ability to function in society.   

Stages of Physical Development 

The typical stages of physical development of an infant include birth to mobility from newborn to one year, basic motor skills from one to three years, fundamental motor skills from three to seven years, and ready for sports sampling from seven to ten years. 

Behavioral Changes 

The common behavioral changes and often the signs to check out include crying, sleep disorders, aggression, biting, and avoiding school.  Learn all about the behavior changes in your infant to keep a check on them. 

Healthy Bodies 

Healthy bodies of infants can be promoted by timely breastfeeding them, soothing them while crying, regularly changing diapers, and ensuring that they are gaining adequate height & weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Infants 

Some of the most frequently asked questions about infants include how do I get my baby to sleep at night, how can I get to stop my baby from crying and how long should I breastfeed my baby? 

What Is Normal Infant Behavior? 

Normal infant behavior includes sleep of about twelve to fourteen hours with the sleep patterns being unpredictable as they may sleep for a few hours to just a few minutes. 

How Do You Take Care Of An Infant? 

Some of the tips you can use to take care of an infant are washing your hands while handling your baby, supporting your baby’s neck while picking up him or her up, and making sure that they are safely placed while sleeping.