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    Baby Massage

    Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

    Written on 7 November 2017

    What are the benefits of an infant massage and when to start it?

    If you want to pamper and soothe your baby then massaging is one of the best ways. It offers tremendous health benefits to a baby like improving blood circulation, eases the teething process, aids digestion, and helps in weight gain. It not only strengthens your bond with the baby, but it also makes the bones of the baby grow stronger. You can use baby oil or moisturizer to gently massage your baby’s arms, legs, hands, head, chest, tummy, and back. You can carefully use your hands in smooth rhythmic strokes to make your baby feel relaxed and calm. No matter how cranky or unwell your baby feels, massaging can put your baby at ease. The benefits of the baby massage are:

    • Improves blood circulation, breathing, and gastrointestinal functions

    • It can relax your baby’s nervous system

    • A baby gets relief from colic and sleep problems

    • Relieves digestion problems

    • Improves motor development

    • Improves weight

    • Relieves congestion

    • Reduces stress and cranky behavior

    Be it morning or evening- You can choose any time of the day for a baby massage. Just make sure your baby is not tired, hungry, or sleepy. Massaging will help you a lot to set a routine of bathing, feeding, and sleeping. It is recommended that new mothers must wait for at least 10-15 days (about 2 weeks) after childbirth to start the baby massage with any oil or lotion. You can apply gentle pressure and make it a routine to massage your baby every day. For premature babies, one must seek medical help before starting any massage. Before massaging you must choose a clean and cozy room for the baby. Keep your mobile phones and furry friends away from that room. You can sing a lullaby or devotional song while gliding your hands delicately on your baby. You must know the complete process of baby massage or you can take help from the baby’s grandma. Check out some important points:

    • Head Massage- Starting from the head, apply some oil on your baby’s head and gently massage in circular motions with your fingertips.

    • Neck Massage- By supporting the head of the baby with one hand you can apply some oil and gently massage the neck with your first two fingers.

    • Belly Massage- Put your one hand at the baby’s navel and with the help of your fingertips massage the baby’s tummy in a circular motion for a few minutes. Repeat these motions several times.

    • Colic-relief Massage- Bend your baby’s knees up to the tummy after belly massage. Before releasing you must hold the position for a few seconds. This will help in releasing built-up gas in your baby’s tummy.

    • Arm Massage- Starting from the shoulder gently roll your baby’s arms and move down towards the wrist. You can repeat twice or thrice for both arms.

    • Leg Massage- Starting from thighs gently roll your baby’s legs and move down towards the ankles. You can repeat twice or thrice for both legs.

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