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    Why Do Nipples Get Sore While Breastfeeding and How to Soothe Them?

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    Why Do Nipples Get Sore While Breastfeeding and How to Soothe Them?

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    If you just happen to be a mom, you might relate to having problems you didn’t know about, especially during breastfeeding. Apart from taking care of your baby day and night, you may witness common issues in your body and feel confused.

    Breastfeeding done in the right way with proper care may not result in too much pain, soreness, engorgement or cracked nipples. But first, you need to be aware of how to breastfeed the right way.

    Firstly, let's talk about sore nipples. What are the causes?

    Causes of sore nipples

    1. Improper Latching

    The most common cause of sore nipples is improper positioning of the baby. Both you and your baby need to practice carefully each time, to get hold of the right way. You must check the proper latching position or ask a professional to help you about it.

    2. Infection

    Another common cause includes thrush. It is basically yeast infection which happens due to not drying the nipples after feeding. Whenever you finish feeding your baby, always rinse your nipples with water and dry them with a clean and soft towel.

    3. Chafing

    Chafing can also be a reason for sore nipples. When the nipples get rubbed too often, they become dry & chaffed. If you breastfeed your baby too often, then consult a doctor regarding the timings and intervals of breastfeeding. Understand your baby’s hunger call and feed accordingly.

    How to soothe sore nipples?

    There can be more than these reasons for having sore nipples but these are very common and general ones. Now, the question is how can you soothe the pain of having sore nipples or how can you treat them?

    When you understand the problem, corrections can be done effectively. If the positioning is improper, learn the proper way. Make sure you let the baby’s mouth open wide enough and then insert the whole of the nipple, instead of letting in just the tip, so that it doesn’t hurt. Reach out to experienced mothers or doctors and ask for consultation. Do not suffer if you are still finding it hard to make it a habit as it is only a matter of little practice to make it alright.

    Secondly, you need to apply a good moisturizer on your nipples. Applying a soothing cream will help you relieve the pain and feel relaxed. But which one will be a great fit?

    To ease the tension, you can try out the Mylo Care Nipple Butter Cream which can soothe, heal and moisturize the nipples. It is made of natural ingredients like turmeric, kokum butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, calendula, vitamin e, and organic beeswax. Another good thing about this cream is that there are no harmful chemicals involved in this product and it is certified for the same. It is also safe for babies and provides amazing results.

    You can also try icing your nipples or massaging them with warm water. Applying ice can help you numb that part and relieve the pain for a while. Massaging with warm water also helps in reducing the pain and inflammation if present. Both are opposite but helpful.

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    Concluding thoughts

    Sore nipples can be a common occurrence in breastfeeding women, but it can be managed in order to reduce the symptoms.

    As you turn to breastfeed, taking good care of yourself is key and will be mutually beneficial for you and your little one.


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