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    When Should You Massage Your Baby- Before Bath or After a Bath?

    Baby Massage

    When Should You Massage Your Baby- Before Bath or After a Bath?

    Updated on 16 May 2023

    It's never a bad idea to give your baby a good rubdown. Leading researchers believe that massage decreases agitation and improves sleep in infants, two of the most common concerns from parents. These easy massage methods might help you identify where your baby likes to be rubbed the most. "Parents often learn that newborns have a favorite region they want to be massaged."

    As A Prelude To Taking A Bath:

    To avoid getting a slippery seal on your hands when bathing your infant, wipe off any oil from your hands with a towel after massaging them. After an hour or two, the oil should be fully absorbed, and the problem should be resolved.

    You and your baby may benefit from an afternoon massage if it is particularly fussy at the end of the day since it provides a chance for both of you to relax and bond.

    If your baby is eating solids, you should wait until after supper to massage them. This is because we don't advocate massaging a baby with a full stomach.

    If you and your infant haven't spent much one-on-one time together throughout the day, a post-bath massage is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and calm down.

    Even if your kid is pleased by the water, getting out of it and getting clothed may not be their favorite part! As a part of the transition from bath time to sleep, a massage may be soothing for babies. After a bath, their body temperature might drop rapidly, so ensure the room is warm enough for a massage with the best baby massage oil.

    Massage with baby massage oil may be too exciting for some newborns. Therefore they may not respond well to a massage after a bath. Most infants, especially those who are more sensitive, just want milk and cuddles before they sleep.

    You may massage your infant either before or after bath time, as is customary:

    The oil or cream you use and the state of your baby's skin will determine whether you should massage her before or after her bath.

    The following situations call for pre-bath massage:

    • You may use olive oil, mustard oil, or ghee.

    Olive oil, ghee, and mustard oil are the best baby massage oil that has long been used safely by families to massage their infants, but a new study reveals that these oils, which contain a large amount of oleic acid, may harm the skin's barrier if kept on the skin. This is more likely to happen if your infant has dry, sensitive skin or eczema.

    Your baby's skin may get irritated and dry if you use baby night massage oil like mustard and olive oil. This necessitates the use of soap and water to remove the oils.

    • The temperature is sweltering and oppressively hot.

    According to some medical professionals, removing oil on your baby's skin, particularly in the creases, may trap perspiration or plug pores. A prickly heat rash might result from this in humid or hot conditions.

    It's a good idea to massage your baby after her bath if:

    • Your baby's skin is very dry.

    Your doctor may recommend a baby massage oil for strong bones or lotion that is unscented if your infant has dry skin or eczema. Moisturizing creams and lotions target the top layers of the skin. The skin will not be able to get the moisturizing benefits if you wash them off during a shower.

    • You're all set as long as you're using a baby-safe oil!

    While the skin is still wet after the bath, rubbing your infant with oil can aid in locking in and absorbing moisture. You may use coconut oil, sunflower seed, or a baby (mineral) oil, but only if they're safe for your child's skin.

    Even when your baby isn't being bathed, you may still give him a massage with baby massage oils. If your baby is sick or it's extremely chilly outside, you may want to consider massaging her while she's dressed. Your baby's bedtime ritual may include this kind of massage as well, as it helps to comfort your baby and help her transition from playtime to sleep.

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