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      What Should You Wear To An Indian Wedding While Pregnant? 

      Maternity Fashion

      What Should You Wear To An Indian Wedding While Pregnant? 

      Updated on 3 November 2023


      Indian weddings are a joyous and vibrant affair, full of color, music, and laughter. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to one, you may be wondering what the dress code is—especially if you’re pregnant. While Western wedding attire has become more casual in recent years, Indian weddings are still quite formal affairs. If you’re not sure what to wear, don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best options for heavily pregnant guests at an Indian wedding. From traditional sarees to flowy dresses, we’ve got you covered.

      A Guide to Stylish and Ethnic Wear During Pregnancy

      When it comes to Indian wedding pregnancy dresses, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to be comfortable. It's likely that you'll be doing a lot of standing and walking, so make sure to wear shoes that won't hurt your feet.

      As for clothing, it's important to find something that is both stylish and comfortable. A flowy dress or tunic is a great option, as it will allow you to move around easily and won't cling to your body.

      Finally, don't forget about accessories. A delicate necklace or pair of earrings can really complete your look. And if you're worried about your baby bump being too visible, try wrapping a dupatta (scarf) around your waist. This will help give the illusion of a smaller tummy while still allowing you to show off your curves.

      Types of Wedding Dresses You Can Slay During Pregnancy

      When it comes to Indian weddings, there are a variety of different types of dresses that you can wear while pregnant. If you want to go with ethnic wear for pregnancy, you can opt for a sari. Saris are a great option because they are comfortable and allow your baby bump to be shown off. If you want to go for a more modern look, you can try a lehenga. Lehengas are also very comfortable and come in a variety of different styles. You can also choose to wear a Western-style dress if you feel more comfortable in that style of clothing.

      Maternal Anarkali Suits

      Anarkali suits are a popular pregnant woman wedding dress. This traditional Indian outfit consists of a long, fitted coat with wide sleeves and a voluminous skirt. It's beautiful and will make you feel like a queen! Plus, the beautiful embroidery and colors of an Anarkali suit can make any pregnant woman feel like a queen.

      Maternity Kaftan

      Maternity kaftans are a must-have for pregnant women attending Indian weddings! They are loose-fitting and comfortable, making them perfect as wedding dresses for pregnant women. Plus, they are stylish and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Whether you're looking for a traditional kaftan or something more modern, there is sure to be a style that suits you.

      Maternity Kurti Suit with Lehenga

      If you're heavily pregnant and attending an Indian wedding, a maternity kurti suit with a lehenga is a great option to keep you comfortable and stylish. The kurti top will provide coverage for your growing belly, while the lehenga skirt will allow you to move freely. You can also accessorize with jewelry and a dupatta (scarf) to complete the look.

      Maternity Kurti with Shalwar & Sharara

      Wearing a maternity kurti with a shalwar or sharara can be a great choice for Indian weddings. Kurtis are loose-fitting tunics that flatter your baby bump, and shalwar and sharara are traditional pants worn in India. This outfit will keep you cool and comfortable while still looking stylish.

      Bridal Drapes/Sarees

      Assuming you're not the bride, there are still plenty of options when it comes to wedding dresses for pregnant women. If you're comfortable in a sari, go for it! Otherwise, there are lovely lehengas and Kurtas that will be both beautiful and comfortable. If you want something a little more modern, a maxi maternity dress with some intricate beading or embroidery would also be appropriate. Plus, these can be teamed with maternity leggings to take care of your comfort. And don't forget the accessories! Pregnancy is the perfect time to bust out those bangles and statement earrings you've been saving.

      Ways to Wear Your Lehenga and Saree with Wedding Bells While Being Pregnant

      There are a few things to consider when deciding on Indian wedding pregnancy dresses. If you want to wear a traditional lehenga or saree, make sure it is loose-fitting and comfortable. You may also want to consider a maternity sari, which is a specially designed sari that drapes over the stomach. If you choose to wear a lehenga, make sure the choli (top) fits well and is not too tight. You may also want to consider wearing a dupatta (scarf) over your stomach for extra coverage.


      Indian weddings are a beautiful, festive occasion. If you're heavily pregnant and have been invited to an Indian wedding, congratulations! Above are a few style tips to help you look your best while staying comfortable during the festivities. Indian weddings are typically very colorful affairs, so don't be afraid to embrace bold hues and patterns. And remember, comfort is key – so make sure to choose fabrics that will keep you cool and won't irritate your skin. With these guidelines in mind, you'll be ready to enjoy the celebration while looking gorgeous.

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