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    What questions should you ask the doctor during the 6 months check-up of your baby?  

    Written on 16 August 2018

    The 6-month check-up: Vaccinations and more

    Congratulations, your baby has completed his first six months by now. He/she should be making all sorts of noises such as cooing or squealing.

    Get ready for some upcoming changes where you’ll soon be seeing your baby sitting and crawling all around. To ensure their ongoing health you can schedule a check-up with the doctor and here’s what you can expect during your visit to the doctor.

    Check-up with the doctor

    • The doctor is likely to measure the weight, height and head circumference of the baby.

    • They may also administer a flu shot depending on the season.

    • They will do a physical examination in your presence and pay attention to the baby’s movements.

    Questions you may ask -

    • You can have queries related to any abnormal activity that you have observed.

    • Questions related to introducing solid foods or milk in their diet

    • Food items which should be added or removed from the diet

    • How to introduce more nutritional food in their diet?

    • How can playtime be made safer and more interactive?

    Routine care -

    • With baby teeth appearing around 6 months, you can ease the discomfort by rubbing the baby’s gums with a clean finger or cloth.

    • Your baby may experience growth spurt and is likely to wake up more during the night. In order to handle this situation, make sure to take turns with your husband/ partner to ensure the safety of your baby.

    • Talk, read a book or sing rhymes to your baby to help them built vocabulary.

    • Create a safe and clean place for your baby to lie down and play.

    • Make sure to keep any cords out of their reach, which can result in strangulation.

    • Ensure there isn’t any piece of unsteady furniture lying around which can easily be pulled over.

    • Keep all reachable cabinets locked and out of reach.

    • Ensure that medicines are completely out of reach of your baby.

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