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    Baby Brain Development: What You Should Know

    Brain Development

    Baby Brain Development: What You Should Know

    Updated on 9 May 2023

    At What Month Does A Baby's Brain Develop?

    After about seven weeks of your pregnancy, the face, as well as the brain of your child, starts developing. In fact, at the 28th week, the brain starts to increase in weight, developing cerebrum grooves that eventually act as pathways for neurons.

    It is common for your baby’s brain to be more vulnerable to fever and infectious diseases when you are pregnant. If you have a habit of smoking and weren’t able to quit it during your pregnancy period, then your baby’s brain may be at a high risk of getting infected. Apart from that, depression, stress, or even trauma in some cases can have a negative impact on the baby. Frequent health check-ups can help you keep a record of your baby’s brain health.

    How Do I Know My Baby's Brain Is Developing?

    Depending on the nutrition and care you get, your child’s brain can develop in numerous ways. Since the brains are always growing and developing, these organs may be more vulnerable to injuries, trauma as well as other harmful infections. Therefore, vaccines can turn out to be a great way to protect your children from increasing brain complications.

    It is also crucial to make sure that caregivers have good access to clean environments, healthy foods, and safe surroundings. This can help them nurture their babies in convenient ways. Booking an appointment with your doctor and undergoing an ultrasound test can help you learn more about your baby’s brain, apart from assisting you in monitoring your child’s progress. Your doctor might also give you a schedule to help you track your baby’s brain development progress.

    How Can I Improve My Baby's Brain?

    You can improve your baby’s brain in numerous ways. A few of the best activities, music, foods and books that boost baby brain development are listed below for your convenience:

    Baby Brain Development Activities

    There are numerous activities that you can conduct in order to accelerate your baby’s brain development. A few baby brain development activities are listed below for your convenience.

    1. Consider spending a lot of time with your baby. You can talk to them, hold them as well caress them.

    1. It is usually best to read bedtime stories to your child before going to sleep since this strategy can strengthen your baby’s ability to think. You can also sing songs as well as rhymes to create a positive environment.

    1. You can have some fun with your baby by making faces at them. Try making an ‘O’ with your mouth and see if your baby does the same!

    1. You can buy some appealing things and get your baby to check them out. For instance, you can show your child colored papers or bright shiny pieces of jewelry to help them comprehend.

    Baby Brain Development Music

    Considering that classical music has a very complex rhythm and structure, babies younger than three months old can easily comprehend the structure and rhythm. Many researchers believe that the complex rhythmic structure of classic music urges the baby’s brain to solve even the most complicated spatial problem.

    Music is also known to improve your child’s speaking skills. Apart from that, it enhances motor skills and promoted reading skills. When it comes to music favorable to baby brain development, listening to any music can be helpful and enriching.

    Baby Brain Development Food

    There are numerous foods that can help your baby’s brain to develop faster. Some of the healthiest foods are listed below for your convenience.


    These can prove to be a rich source of nutrients for growing children. Egg, being naturally great at boosting brain development, is also a great source of choline, protein, and vitamin B-12. Choline can assist in improving your child’s cognitive functioning. In fact, one egg every day can provide enough choline for the healthy growth of young children.


    Seafood contains protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and iodine, all of which are known to benefit the development of your baby’s brain in surprising ways. Yet again, it may be essential for you to avoid some fish that have high levels of mercury in them.

    Fish such as tuna and swordfish have high levels of mercury in them, and upon consumption, these levels can negatively impact your baby’s brain. Fish such as tilapia, cod, and crab have low levels of mercury. Therefore, these options are more favorable as well as beneficial for growing children.


    Green vegetables are a great source of folate as well as iron. According to recent research, it was proved that children who consumed enough vegetables had better cognitive functioning as compared to children who did not consume veggies. The major part of your brain, which is responsible for memorizing as well as learning is the Hippocampus region. This region requires a significant amount of iron to develop in a healthy manner.

    Lean Meat

    Lean meat contains zinc as well as iron, which is important for children who have more chances of developing anemia. Iron deficiency can also contribute to difficulties in memorizing or learning. Apart from that, it is also known to cause ADHD or deficit hyperactivity disorder in kids who aren’t fed enough iron.


    When opting for yogurt, make sure to purchase an unsweetened product. An organic product can support your baby’s growth and brain development while providing sufficient nutrients. Yogurt contains iodine, which is required to keep thyroid hormones in check. A deficiency in iodine can have a negative impact on your child’s cognitive and analytical functioning.

    Baby Brain Development Book

    You can also speed the development of your baby’s brain by gathering helpful information through books. Some of the best books that can assist you include the following.

    The Whole-Brained Child

    This book helps new parents follow parenting techniques to help their children grow better. In fact, it provides numerous valuable strategies that can help with some of the most common parenting problems.

    Brain Stages

    This book helps you to come up with strategies according to your baby’s age. Therefore, as your baby grows older, you can still impact your child’s brain in actionable ways. The book also contains personal stories to give you a better insight into parenting.


    As a parent, you can support the growth as well as the development of your baby’s brain by being responsive and responsible. Sometimes, understanding your child’s needs and introducing them to stories, songs, and books can strengthen their communication. Thus, these strategies help your child embark on a memorable journey of success.

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