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    Role of a Plush Ball in Improving Your Baby’s Sensory Skills

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    Role of a Plush Ball in Improving Your Baby’s Sensory Skills

    Updated on 3 November 2023

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    It is no secret that raising a child is serious work. After all, caregivers shape a tiny human into a healthy, smart, and strong individual. And while it can be challenging at times, it can also be immensely rewarding. Part of ensuring a child has a solid foundation is exposing them to sensory play, like with a plush ball. These toys stimulate the senses, improve motor skills, and boost cognitive, memory, social, and language skills. So, if people are looking for ways to help a child reach their full potential, investing in plush balls for babies is a great place to start.

    Why is Sensory Play Important?

    Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the baby's senses. This can include activities like peekaboo, which encourages the child to focus their eyesight. As the child grows, their sensory play will vary. They should be encouraged to touch and explore different textures and materials. This can be done through toys like teethers or plush balls for babies. The child will learn more about their surroundings by exploring with their hands and mouth.

    Plush balls are an awesome tool to help kids improve their motor skills! They come in fun textures, colors, and sizes, so there is definitely one perfect plush ball for each baby out there. Plus, they are great for visual and tactile stimulation—the two important senses that help with learning and development.

    How Does A Plush Ball Develop Sensory Skills?

    A plush ball is super versatile and can provide endless fun! They come in different textures, sizes, shapes, weights, and colors. They can be bounced, rolled, thrown, caught, and more. And they are scientifically designed to help build important skills in babies.

    1. Develop the Different Senses

    Plush balls for babies are a great way to stimulate the different senses and improve coordination, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. The sensation of the ball stimulates the sense of touch, which is essential for learning about the world around us.

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    2. Build Coordination Skills

    When children play with plush balls, they are actually improving their coordination. That is because they must use multiple body parts simultaneously to interact with the ball. This helps improve hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. For example, when a child bounces a sensory ball, they have to use their hand to control the ball's movement and their eye to follow it. This requires both coordination and skill!

    3. Build Muscle Strength

    Plush balls for babies are a great way to help kids develop strong muscles in their hands, arms, and shoulders. The act of controlling the ball helps kids to use and develop these muscles.

    In addition, a plush ball can help improve balance. These are designed to be difficult to balance, forcing children to use their core muscles. This is especially beneficial for kids who are just learning to walk.

    4. Improve Motor Skills

    A plush ball is a great way to help improve gross motor skills by stimulating different senses and strengthening muscles. This can include developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, eye movement, and more. Some kids' zones also create a ball pit that is filled with different kinds of plush balls, which further complements the skill development.

    5. Facilitate Movement

    Children need to move around to encourage their development. This is why plush balls for babies are so important - they help get children up and active, which is great for their physical and mental health. When kids constantly move, they learn about their body and how it works. This can help them to become more active later in life.

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    Things to Remember While Purchasing A Plush Ball

    There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a plush ball for babies. These include-

    • The ball size.

    • The texture of the ball.

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    • The weight of the plush ball.

    • The child's weight and size.

    • The child's age.

    • The child's current abilities.

    The role of a plush ball is thus more than just a toy plus; it can be a great addition to a child's treasure trove. It is a must-have toy for your ward, given its benefits for a child's development. Check out the Mylo Family blog for more such articles and information on a child's development.

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