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    Tips on Starting Potty Training for Kids

    Potty Training

    Tips on Starting Potty Training for Kids

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Parents are often knee-deep in diapers after having a baby. They are tucked in the bag, stacked along the crib, and stored in every nook and corner of the house. Diapers have become a part of life. It almost feels like the day the child walks into the toilet, poops, and cleans himself is a long way off.

    It is a new milestone for the child. As a parent, it is essential to let the babies take their time to master the skill. It is important to start potty training for babies by the age of 2years. Every child differs, and it is best not to compare their progress.

    How Do Parents Know If The Kid Is Ready?

    Children can gain control over their bladder and bowel when they are physically ready and want to feel dry and clean. It should be kept in mind that most kids develop control over bowel movements first.

    • By 1yr, most babies stop pooing at night.
    • By 2yrs- Some kids can stay dry during the day.
    • By 3yrs – Most kids stay dry during the day. Accidental elimination could be expected when they are excited or asleep.
    • By 4yrs- Most kids are dry throughout the day.

    Most kids take longer to stay dry throughout the night. Most children can gain control over bedwetting by 3-5yrs. However, some may continue it for longer. If the bedwetting continues beyond 6, it is better to meet the doctor.

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    Signs of Potty Training Readiness

    If the child shows these signs, infant potty training can be started.

    1. Pulling down the wet diaper
    2. Hide pee or poop
    3. Showing interest in how adults act.
    4. Diaper staying dryer than usual time. Show they have gained control.
    5. Waking up due to a wet diaper
    6. She is telling the parent before or immediately after passing poo or pee.

    When To Start Potty Training

    There is no hard and fast rule to start. Kids take their time to learn to talk and walk; they take their time to wean from diapers. How will a parent know when to start potty training for babies?

    • Kids usually begin to show signs of dislike towards diapers.
    • Most kids show interest in potty training by 2-2.5.
    • Summers are better times to begin in cold countries. The clothes can be taken off and dried off more easily.
    • Begin and stay consistent
    • Best to wait till the kid says before peeing. This is the best period to start.
    • They should be able to sit on the potty in their comfort.

    Ways To Prepare A Child For Potty Training

    How to potty train a baby? Most parents often wonder how to begin this process.

    Here are some tips that put the child at ease and give them space to get comfortable with the process:

    • Parents should have a positive attitude and not be forceful.
    • Talking to the child and explain about it. Understand their willingness and fears.
    • It is placing the potty in a place that is accessible to them.
    • If an older kid is in the house, show them while the kid uses it.
    • Using their toys as models. Making it into a fun activity.
    • They are allowing the child to sit on it and feel comfortable.
    • Allowing them to sit on it between nappy changes. Seeing if it makes them happy.

    Potty Training Tips for Kids

    Keep Potty in the Bathroom

    • If the house has two storeys, keep it in both bathrooms. Here the aim is to get the child comfortable sitting on the potty.
    • Suppose the child poos consistently at the same time every day. Remove the diaper to indicate that they have to poo in the toilet.
    • Parents should not make a fuss when a child is unsuccessful.
    • Praising is the best form of encouragement.

    Potty Training Pants

    • Disposable washable pants
    • Encourage kids to keep training pants dry.
    • Suppose the child does not wean from the nappy; place toilet paper in the nappy. This causes the nappy to be wet for a long time, making the child feel wet.

    Nighttime Potty Training

    • When the child wakes up with a dry nappy for a few mornings in a row. It is an indication that they are weaning,
    • Encourage the child to use the bathroom just before going to bed. The use of non-absorbant sheets is helpful.


    Potty training can be a challenge for most parents. Most parents prefer to wait till their child is at least 18 months, as the little ones acquire control of their muscles by then. We hope the tips shared in the article help you succeed in your endeavour.

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