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    Fears & Phobias

    Learn about the top worries and fears after childbirth and ways to overcome them 

    Written on 19 June 2019

    Childbirth is a happy culmination of a mother’s pregnancy journey and a joyous and cherished moment awaited by every mom-to-be. But, along with all the happiness, becoming a mother can also be an overwhelming and worrying experience and it is not uncommon to feel anxious and worried after childbirth. Let’s look at some common worries after childbirth and how you can face them.

    1. Worrying that the baby will die while asleep - A lot of mothers are scared that their baby may die by choking, rolling over or due to sudden infant death syndrome. Instead of being worried, take safety measures like having the baby sleep on his back, keeping his head uncovered and keeping him warm but not too hot.

    1. Your feelings for the baby – Learn about the top worries and fears after childbirth and ways to overcome them It is quite common for mothers to feel that their bonding and love with the baby is missing something. It is a natural feeling and will go away with time. You just need to keep caring for and loving your baby. In an unlikely scenario that you feel disconnected from the baby for a lengthy duration, consult a doctor.

    1. Fear of dropping the baby – Being constantly scared that you may drop the baby is a nagging worry for new mothers. Just relax and make sure you are holding the baby properly especially when walking around.

    1. Worries about baby’s development – Many parents tend to compare their baby’s development with other babies or based on what they may have read or heard and then get worried if the baby misses any developmental milestone even by a few days. You need to remember that each baby is different and develops at his own pace. Consult a doctor if you feel something is amiss instead of being worried.

    1. Worries about the baby’s diet and sleep – Don’t fret unnecessarily about whether your baby is feeding and sleeping properly. Consult with your doctor about the feeding schedule and right amount of sleep for the baby.

    1. Financial worries - The increased expenses that are bound to come along often make the parents worried and stressed. You should do your homework and plan ahead about the additional money you will need to spend each month for the baby and figure out how to manage your finances.

    Worrying after childbirth or postpartum anxiety is a fairly prevalent issue among new mothers, but can be easily managed and taken care of by staying calm and proper planning. ​​​​​​

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