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    Brain Development

    Top 10 Baby Brain Development Activities

    Written on 3 August 2022

    A newborn's brain is only about 25% of its mature weight and grows the most during the first three years of life. Neurons begin to form in the first trimester, but most of the brain’s growth happens in the last two trimesters. This period is crucial since the connections between neurons (synapses) allow the baby’s brain to develop and function.
    There are many things parents can do to stimulate their baby’s brain development. Here are 10 baby brain development activities that have been shown to promote brain development in infants:

    1. Back and Forth

    Responses to babies' coos and cries, eyes gazing and making goofy faces are all necessary for cognitive development—as is interaction with loving care. In a good interaction, there is an accurate back-and-forth dialogue between a parent and a baby. When the infant babbles, the parent replies as if they're engaged in a discussion.

    2. Baby Gym

    Yes, you don't need to bring your baby to spin class. However, physical activity—such as tummy time, crawling, scooting, walking practice, or parent-child swimming—will prove beneficial, especially for 1 year old baby brain development activities. Physical activity is good for children's cognitive development, especially executive functions and language skills, from birth to age 5, according to research.

    3. Face It

    Looking at faces soon after birth is highly beneficial to babies' visual and cognitive development. According to researchers at Stanford, a baby's face recognition abilities equal those of adults by the age of four. A simple game such as placing the face 10–12 inches away from the baby's face, then swapping places with another person (or even a stuffed animal), and waiting for a response might aid in the development of this critical skill.

    4. Read Together

    Parents and youngsters may enjoy reading together. It also aids in the baby's brain absorption of rhythms, sounds, and meaning of words, which are important linguistic abilities of the baby's brain development activities. Read, for example, simple stories from a book with a lot of pictures or even nursery rhymes.

    5. Music Maker

    Babies enjoy music, and studies suggest that it helps their brains develop. According to one research, 6-month-olds who received music therapy had improved sleep habits and attention during the day. Music classes improved motor development in 8-month-olds, according to another research. So get those tiny feet tapping!

    6. Sing-Along

    Another excellent approach to interacting with the baby and stimulating brain growth is singing. Infants who took part in live music sessions with their parents had enhanced social, emotional, and cognitive development at 6 months old, according to a 2013 study. So don't be scared to belt out those nursery rhymes!

    7. Talk It Out

    One of the best things one can do for infants' cognitive development is to talk with them. The more words a baby hears, the bigger their vocabulary will be, according to research, and a larger vocabulary has been linked to higher reading ability later on. So talk —about anything and everything!

    8. Sign, Baby, Sign

    Babies who use sign language have been found to have improved communication abilities. It also fosters the relationship between parent and child and enhances cognitive development. According to one study, 6-month-olds who engaged in baby sign language exhibited superior word knowledge and problem-solving skills compared to those who didn't.

    9. Sensory Play

    Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the senses and is a wonderful approach to encouraging baby brain growth. Try simple things like putting different textures on your baby's feet or providing them with items to shake, rattle, and roll. They'll love it, and it will also aid in cognitive, language, and motor skills development.

    10. Water Play

    Playing in water is another fun way to stimulate the baby’s senses while promoting brain development. Water play can help with everything from social and emotional skills to problem-solving abilities. So head to the pool, splash around in the bathtub or even just let baby play with a cup of water—they’ll love it!

    Also, it's important for parents to know that puzzles and games are great for cognitive development, and many options are available for all ages.

    For babies, try simple matching games or shape sorters. As they age, one can move on to more challenging puzzles and games that help with logic, planning and problem-solving skills. As one can see, there are many ways to encourage cognitive development via baby brain development activities. These are just a few ideas to get started.

    So get creative, have fun and enjoy the special bond of helping the little one grow and learn! For more information on promoting brain development in babies, talk to your child’s doctor or contact the local early intervention program.


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