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    Is it normal for babies to cry after getting vaccinated & Ways to soothe them?

    Written on 22 April 2022

    It is normal for babies to cry after getting jabbed. However, you can try to soothe your baby with these five amazing techniques.

    You just got the newborn baby vaccination chart India for your child, and you are worried about how your child will respond to immunisation. Right? After all, who does not fear injections? You are a parent now. But you still try to find reasons to avoid injections. Isn't it? The same is true for your baby when he/she must be administered a baby vaccination.

    As babies will likely develop a mild fever or soreness at the injection site or generally become fussy after vaccination, you need to know a few ways to soothe your baby. A fever usually indicates that the vaccine is doing its job right.

    So, like other parents, if you are wondering if it is normal for your baby to cry after a jab, the answer is yes. Hence, please follow the baby vaccination chart diligently and get your little one jabbed at the right time according to the baby vaccine schedule.

    Take a look at the vaccination chart for babies in India. It also includes the newborn baby vaccination chart.

    Vaccination Chart for Babies in India




    Newborn Baby Vaccination

    BCG - Dose 1


    OPVD - Dose 0


    Hep B - Dose 1

    Hepatitis B

    6-8 weeks

    DTaP/DTwP - Dose 1

    Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

    Hib Dose 1

    Haemophilus influenzae

    Rotavirus Dose 1

    Rotavirus Infection

    IPV (Injectable Polio Vaccine) Dose 1


    Hep B Dose 2

    Hepatitis B

    10-16 weeks

    DTaP/DTwP Dose 2

    Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

    Hib Dose 2

    Haemophilus influenzae

    Rotavirus Dose 2

    Rotavirus Infection

    IPV Dose 1


    14-24 weeks

    DTaP/DTwP Dose 3

    Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

    Hib Dose 3

    Haemophilus influenzae

    Rotavirus Dose 3

    Rotavirus Infection

    IPV Dose 3


    6 Months

    OPV Dose 2


    Hep B Dose 3

    Hepatitis B

    9 Months

    OPV Dose 2


    Measles Dose 1


    MMR Dose 1

    Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

    9-12 Months

    Typhoid CV Dose 1


    12 Months

    Hep A Vaccine) Dose 1

    Hepatitis A

    15 Months

    PCV Booster

    Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

    MMR Dose 2

    Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

    16-18 Months

    IPV Booster


    Hib type B vaccine Booster

    Haemophilus influenzae

    DTaP/DTwP Booster

    Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

    18 Months

    Hep A Dose 2

    Hepatitis A

    2 Years

    Typhoid Booster


    4-6 Years

    OPV Dose 3


    Typhoid Booster


    DTaP/DTwP Booster

    Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

    Your healthcare provider can also provide you with this list of vaccines for babies. You must ensure that your baby gets the correct doses at the right time according to the schedule given in vaccination for babies in India. The list of vaccines for babies in India can help you plan your baby’s jabs.

    If you need information about the 6 weeks baby vaccination cost or the cost for any other age group, you can search for the baby vaccination chart in India with prices. You can also refer to the government baby vaccination chart for the prices charged in India.

    The 5-S Approach to Ease Your Baby’s Post-Vaccine Pain

    Vaccines are important for your baby’s health. However, seeing your little one in pain can be distressing. The syringe itself is enough to stir fear among many. However, you need to relax and ensure your child gets vaccinated. Vaccination prepares your child's immune system to fight dreadful diseases.

    Is your baby crying uncontrollably after vaccination? Whether it is a 6-month baby vaccine or a 9-month baby vaccination, crying is common after every vaccination schedule for babies in India. To reduce your baby’s discomfort after a jab, use effective, proven methods that can soothe your baby. This approach is called the 5-S method.

    • S#1 Swaddling:

    Babies, especially younger than five months, like it when they are snugly wrapped and held. This is called being swaddled. So, if you swaddle them right after their jab, it will help them calm down. You may also wrap your baby in a soft blanket before going to the clinic for the vaccination. However, do not cover the area where the shot will be given.

    • S#2 Side positioning:

    Once the shot is administered, make sure to place your baby on his/her stomach or sides. This will make them feel better. In fact, nurses carry babies to their parents in this position post-vaccination.

    • S#3 Swaying:

    Vaccination or no vaccination, children, especially newborns, are fond of swaying. It is an antidote to many problems they routinely experience in their early years. They like swaying when you get them down to sleep, or even when they play. So, once they have been given the shot, sway them back and forth gently and comfort them if they cry.

    • S# 4 Sucking:

    When babies are sick or immunised, the best way to comfort them and soothe their pain is by letting them do something they usually do. For example, if sucking a bottle or a pacifier feels familiar, allow them to do it. Or simply breastfeed them to calm them down. It will help reduce their distress.

    • S# 5 Shushing:

    Whether your child is fussy due to the pain after vaccination or for some other reason, a relaxing shushing sound reaching their ears can soothe them instantly. So, next time when your kid is in pain or being cranky, try low, relaxing shushing sounds.


    Studies suggest that if you use at least four of these five calming techniques, you can reduce your baby’s discomfort after a jab. Also, make sure to massage the site of injection gently before and after your baby gets jabbed. It can help reduce the pain.

    Vaccination is good for your child’s health. Yes, there may be some side effects. However, these side effects are temporary. Moreover, these side effects suggest that the jab is working well. So, ask for a vaccination chart for babies in India and consult your healthcare provider to get your little one immunised at the right intervals.


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