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    How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter?

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    How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter?

    Updated on 11 May 2023

    In the early stages of their life, infants are vulnerable to various viruses and infections. This is because their immune system is not developed enough to fight against those infections. Winters are enjoyable. However, they also lead to a desirable environment for various infections, such as the common cold, influenza, cough, and pneumonia. Hence, it is required to dress up your child according to the environment and keep them warm, especially during winter. Babies need help regulating their body temperature during winter, so it is essential to dress them in layers.

    How To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winter?

    Unlike adults, infants are not capable of regulating their body temperature. You'd notice how the baby's hands and legs go cold and would want to do something immediately to keep them warm at the beginning of winter. It is important to cover them comfortably while sleeping at night, outdoors, and at home to maintain a body temperature that is just right for them. However, some studies have linked that extra layers of clothing increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

    Why Should You Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters?

    When there is a drop in temperature, it is necessary to dress your baby in layers so they feel warm and cosy. Make sure you dress your baby in one additional layer than what you're comfortable wearing; this is the general thumb rule during winter. If you're feeling cold, your baby is probably cold too. A few ways to dress the baby in different places are as follows:

    In The Car Seat

    Huge clothes are not safe for car seats. Since huge clothes will not get the harness tight enough, some experts advise against bulky clothes and sleeping bags attached to car seats since they can compress in a car crash, increasing the risk of injury in babies. Instead, dress your baby in layers, then cover it with a blanket after they are buckled in. You can also purchase a fitted aftermarket cover as long as it is certified by the car seat manufacturer. There should be no covers between the baby and the harness strap of the car seat. In extremely cold weather, dress your baby in a long-sleeved one-piece under a one-piece footed fleece outfit. You can also add a cotton sweater, depending on the weather. Use multiple or thick blankets when transporting the baby to the car in her seat. You can also prefer an older baby's coat and put their arms into it backwards instead of a blanket after buckling in the car seat.

    Inside the house

    Don't go overboard while clothing the baby up when you are inside. The general rule is to dress in one more layer, which applies indoors too, and the ideal temperature is between 66 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. An ideal way to check if the baby is too hot or cold is to put a hand on their tummy or back, which should be warm and not sweaty. Be careful about signs of overheating, such as sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, and rapid breathing. Remove a layer of clothing if you observe any of these.

    Outside the house

    Fresh air is essential for your baby, even in cold weather. As long as the baby is healthy and was born full term, taking them for a walk outdoors for 15-20 minutes is fine. Dress your baby in layers since they lose heat more rapidly than adults do. So if you are going outdoors, dress your baby in a long-sleeved outfit, a sweater, and a coat. Add mittens, a snug-fitting cap, and warm boots.

    If you are heading out in a carrier, keep the baby's airway clean so their face is uncovered and parents can observe them. If you are heading out in a stroller, you can attach a sleeping bag and add a windscreen to protect the baby's delicate skin from windburn. If your baby's eyes tear up or if they become fussy and start crying, you will know that your baby has had enough winter weather. Also, watch out for any signs of hypothermia, such as blue lips, shivering, or a pale appearance on the nose or ears.

    How To Dress Your Baby For Sleep During Winter?

    Since babies cannot regulate their body temperature, dressing them up in warm clothes and adjusting the room temperature is essential.

    While it's necessary to keep your baby warm and cosy at night, it is important not to let them get too warm. There is an increased risk of sudden death syndrome, which is linked to overheating the baby. It is also known as cot death. While room heating for your baby's room is not required at night, ensure the room temperature is optimal. The optimal room temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, but it can be between 16-20 degrees Celsius. Use a thermometer to keep your hands room at a safe and comfortable temperature. Keep the baby's sleeping place away from radiators, heaters, fires, or direct sunlight to prevent them from overheating.

    Dress the baby in a footed sleepsuit to keep their legs and feet warm. If you feel the baby is not warm enough in one-piece suits, you can swaddle them in a blanket for a comfortable and sound sleep at night. This is the ideal way to keep your baby warm during winter at night. Make sure the room is well-ventilated, and shut down the windows if it is too cold.

    Tips To Keep Your Baby Warm During Winters

    You want to do everything to make your baby comfortable as a parent. However, babies cannot verbally communicate their comfort or discomfort since they are so small. That is why it is essential to dress the baby appropriately during winter, which can be challenging. So, here are some tips on how to dress up a baby during winter:

    1. Selecting the right fabric

    Selecting the fabric is important to ensure that it fulfils the objective of keeping your baby warm. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and muslin. Thermal clothes are also a great option when it comes to winter dressing. Woollen and polyester are also great fabrics for winter. Avoid cotton clothes since they are not effective against the cold. Also, ensure the clothing fabric does not absorb moisture in the air when you are outside with the baby during winter.

    2. Layer up

    This is one of the most basic yet effective ways to keep your baby warm and cosy in winter. Dressing them in layers allows you to adjust to their needs. For example, you can dress up the bottom layer in leggings and a bodysuit. On top of that, you can add another layer of pants and a full-sleeved shirt. Top that up with a jacket or sweater, cap, mittens, and warm booties to keep their feet and hands warm.

    3. Set the room temperature right

    Make sure your baby doesn't feel too hot or cold. So try keeping the room temperature optimal between 18-20 degree Celsius. You can also use a room thermometer to gauge whether or not your baby's room temperature is comfortable and safe. Ideally, a light clothes adult should feel cosy with the room temperature.

    4. Swaddle wrap your baby

    Sometimes, dressing up your baby in one-piece suits is not enough to keep them warm if it is too cold outside. Hence, you must wrap them in a thick swaddling blanket to provide a night of comfortable and restful sleep on those freezing nights. If your baby keeps kicking the blanket very often at night, you can dress them up in a sleeping bag, also known as a wearable blanket.

    5. Cover your baby's head and hand

    Most babies lose a lot of heat, mainly through their hands and head. Hence, getting hold of a soft baby cap and lightweight mittens is essential to provide your little one with an extra layer of warmth and cosiness. You can also use a pair of socks to keep your baby's feet toasty. You can have extra mittens ready if your baby is a thumb sucker.

    6. Use a good moisturiser

    The cold and harsh winter weather can lead to dry and itchy skin since it lacks humidity. So, it is essential to use lukewarm water during winter for their bath and don't let them soak in the bathtub for a long time. After the bath, moisturise your baby with a gentle, hypoallergenic baby lotion or moisturiser.

    7. Place a hot water bag or heating pad

    Sometimes it is very cold and freezing outside, and if you feel your baby has a cold, you can use a hot water bag or a heating pad and place them on the baby's hand or feet to try to keep them warm. It is unnecessary; however, if you need to use it, you can try it.

    8. Carry extra clothes for outdoor travel

    When it is cold outside, it is essential to bundle them up in layers. However, it is also important to carry extra clothes during outdoor travel since you might need them if the weather is extremely cold where you are headed. And it is not recommended they be exposed to the frigid weather for a very long time.


    1. How Do I Keep My Baby Warm In A Baby Carrier?

    If you are using a baby carrier to carry your baby outside, it is important to ensure that your baby is warm enough when it is freezing outside. Hence, the main thing to keep in mind is to dress your baby warmly and cover most of the exposed skin but not overdress them so that it overheats.

    2. How To Dress My Baby In A Baby Carrier During Winters?

    If you plan to use a baby carrier during winter, it is important to dress the baby appropriately. You can dress them in layers and put on a large coat to make extra room for the baby. If they peek out, you can use mittens and warm socks to keep your baby's hands and feet warm. Additionally, you can also tuck a safety-pin blanket around the sides of the carrier for an extra layer of warmth.

    3. Do Babies Need Winter Coats?

    If you have a coat on, your infant will probably need a coat but make sure to invest in a lightweight and waterproof coat that doesn't weigh down on your baby and shields them from snow and wind.


    It is one of the most challenging tasks to keep your baby warm in chilly weather. However, a little knowledge can help you and your baby to maintain a consistent temperature in the wintertime. Just make sure you have dressed your baby enough to keep them warm and don't stress yourself over the cold. Although make sure that they are not exposed to cold for more than a few minutes at a time. However, follow the earlier tips and tricks to tackle the frigid winters and keep your baby warm during the winter season.

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