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      Experiencing Body Changes During Pregnancy: Know What to Expect?

      Second Trimester

      Experiencing Body Changes During Pregnancy: Know What to Expect?

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Indeed, you might be pretty curious to figure out what is happening in your tummy. Besides, you may have also experienced a few pregnancy symptoms by now. If you are in your 17th week of pregnancy and do not know how to move about, then this article is sure to help you. Consider reading this entire piece to learn more about pregnancy body changes as well as tips that one can follow during this phase.

      The 17th week of pregnancy means that it is the right time to shop for maternity clothes and pregnancy bras. You’ll notice quite a few changes in your body as your pregnancy proceeds further. You’ll likely feel less nauseated, and your energy levels will be on the higher side. The morning sickness must have gone by this time now, and you might just feel some issues related to indigestion.

      So, What Is The Unfolding Mystery Inside Your Tummy?

      If you’re wondering what’s happening inside your belly, then by week 17th of your pregnancy, the baby inside the womb starts developing skills like sucking and swallowing. The baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes begin to grow and have developed their fingerprints as well. Your baby is making fat tissues (adipose tissue), and the baby’s muscles and bones have also evolved.

      The baby’s external sex organs are entirely developed, and loud external noises can unsettle your baby inside the womb. The baby’s heartbeat is controlled by the brain and can beat up to 150 beats. A thin layer of a white substance known as vernix covers the fragile skin of your baby inside the womb.

      The size of the baby inside the womb is not more than a turnip or a pear. At the 17th week, the approximate weight of the baby is around 150-175 grams, and the height is approximately 5-6 inches long. Some common bodily changes are that you can feel the movement of your baby and your baby bump becomes noticeable.

      You may notice numerous week by week physical changes during pregnancy. For the first-time mums, it is quite exciting, and they just can’t resist any moment to flaunt it. Some common symptoms of pregnancy at week 17th are as follows:

      1. Heartburn and indigestion

      1. Constipation and gastric troubles

      1. Mood swings

      1. Changes in hormonal levels (might experience pigmentation of the skin)

      1. Pain in your legs

      You can avoid the discomfort of the above-mentioned symptoms by keeping in mind your eating habits and prenatal cardio.

      Analyzing Your Diet During Pregnancy

      One of the first things to do when shifting to a healthy lifestyle is to analyze your diet plan. Thus, this is because you are indeed what you consume. During pregnancy, you will need to be quite conscious of what you eat. In fact, you will need to cut down on junk food, processed food as well as other sweet edibles.

      Many pregnant women are usually considered starving when they see a sudden weight gain or a change in their body structure. You will need to understand that the physical changes you see are completely normal during this stage. Besides, starving yourself can turn out to be extremely dangerous for you as well as your developing child.

      Yet again, you will also need to remember that if starving is harmful during pregnancy, then consuming a diet for two is equally harmful. It would be best if you struck a perfect balance between your diet and workout regime. You must consult a certified nutritionist to see healthy body changes in early pregnancy. Consider following these easy tips:

      • It would be best if you consumed a protein-rich diet which comprises- fish, pulses, tofu, lean meats, beans, and a small quantity of red meat.
      • Green leafy vegetables and seasonal fresh fruits can reduce the risk of anaemia, and it helps in controlling the blood pressure levels of pregnant women.
      • To avoid the deficiency of calcium, you must consume yoghurt, cheese, flavoured milk, and other milk products.
      • Your doctor might have recommended folic acid in your diet as it helps in preventing congenital disabilities.
      • Adding Vitamin C to your diet helps in repairing tissues of the body.
      • If you wish to stay healthy during the entire phase of your pregnancy, then don’t forget to add Zinc to your diet.
      • You must keep nuts and low-fat snacks in your room to satiate those hunger urges in between the meals.
      • Avoid eating large meals and divide your meals into 5 or 6.
      • Make sure not to overeat anything.
      • Limit your consumption of junk food and other sugary items. These may be harmful to your baby.
      • Make sure to not ignore vitamin D supplements during your 17th week of pregnancy.

      What Are Some Of The Best Lifestyle Tips To Follow During Pregnancy?

      To keep yourself strong and cheerful during the entire phase of your pregnancy, you must make healthy lifestyle choices. Thus, this is because your healthy choices will benefit you as well as your baby. Apart from that, you will also have fewer chances of miscarriage or other pregnancy complications.

      If you find it difficult to stay active or fit during pregnancy, consider joining pregnancy classes. These classes will help you learn a few light exercises that can turn out to be quite beneficial during this phase. Apart from that, these classes also teach you a few aspects related to breastfeeding and babysitting. Below are some pointers that will help you to stay fit, active, and happy during your pregnancy phase:

      Drink plenty of fluids (water, fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, flavoured milk) to stay hydrated:

      During pregnancy, it is very common for you to feel dehydrated, tired, and even stressed out. Yet again, it is crucial to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go because you do not want to jeopardize your fluid levels in the body due to certain stressful situations that will eventually get better with time!

      1. Eat properly on time with the perfect portion of food

      Since you are now eating for two people, you will need to be very mindful of what you consume. Certain foods can be harmful to your child; however, some may turn out to be quite nutritious for the developing baby.

      A few of the foods that you may have to avoid include junk food and sugary items. Eating a lot of sugary items may put you at a high risk of developing gestational diabetes.

      2. Keep yourself safe and make sure your house is clean and hygienic

      Yes! You may have to do a lot of babyproofing before your baby arrives. However, you will need to be very careful when dealing with objects at height or sharp items. Consider getting your spouse to help you when cleaning the house. Apart from that, you can also hire a maid to help you with other household chores.

      3. Stay positive by spending some time with nature or practising meditation

      Going out for morning walks or even evening walks could turn out to be quite soothing. You can also join yoga classes to relieve pregnancy stress. Sometimes, spending a lot of time admiring nature can bring wonders into your life! All it takes is some free time and willingness to bring in a change!

      4. Don’t forget to take your prenatal multi-vitamins as advised by your doctor

      Your doctor may advise folic acid supplements or other vitamins to provide the nutrition you’re missing out on. Apart from that, you may also be advised to take certain medications within a limit. During pregnancy, one cannot continue using certain medicines due to the harmful impact they may have on the baby. For example, many pregnant women are discouraged from using tretinoin since it can cause miscarriages or even premature delivery.

      5. Do not exert your body in household chores or your office work

      Try opting for flexible working hours when it comes to your office work. Apart from that, make sure to share household work with your spouse. Thus, this way, a lot of your burden will be reduced, and you will have more time to rest.

      6. Stay stress-free, and feel free to talk to someone you trust

      Joining a pregnancy class or enrolling in a pregnancy club can help you validate your feelings. In fact, you will come across numerous pregnant women who have been through some phase or the other during this phase. Talking things out with your spouse can also relieve much of the stress in your mind.

      7. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

      This is one of the most important pieces of advice. It is crucial that you adhere to it strictly. Smoking or even drinking alcohol can have fatal effects on the developing baby. Apart from that, you may be at a high risk of miscarriage or other pregnancy complications.

      8. Do not starve your body, and don’t overdo any workout

      Indeed, physical changes in pregnancy are quite common. Starving your body can restrict numerous vitamins and minerals that are supposed to reach your baby. Restricting yourself when it comes to food can have a harmful impact on the developing child. Besides, overdoing workout routines can put a lot of pressure on your body, which actually needs a lot of rest at this stage.

      9. Avoid eating junk food, processed foods, and oily and sugary foods

      Avoiding harmful food items will prevent your baby from catching a disease or falling sick. Besides, it will also eliminate the majority of pregnancy complications.

      10. For a successful and safe pregnancy, you must choose comfortable footwear and breathable maternity clothes

      Try shopping for maternity items at least two or three months before your delivery. This way, you will not have to hurry with things after your delivery. Make sure to buy breathable clothes for both your child as well as yourself. You do not want to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding your baby or when doing other chores.

      11. Consider reading motivational books and listening to spiritual hymns

      Although this tip may sound silly, reading motivational books as well as listening to spiritual hymns can indeed uplift your mood. You will feel more relieved and peaceful right after a serene session.

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