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    Andrology: Meaning and Diagnostic Tests

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    Andrology: Meaning and Diagnostic Tests

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    What is Andrology?

    The word Andrology has been derived from the Greek language. The Greek word Andros, which means "man," is the source of the word "andrology." It is a field of medicine that handles issues involving the male reproductive system.

    It may be thought of as the male equivalent of gynecology. Gynecology has long been a prominent field of study, but andrology is a more recent specialty. However, this field of medicine has received much attention because of the rising awareness of prostate and men's reproductive concerns in recent years.

    Andrologists are medical professionals who focus on addressing difficulties relating to men's reproduction. Andrology is a subspecialty of urology that focuses on issues relating to the male urinary system.

    When Should You See An Andrologist?

    You must visit an andrologist if:

    • You have a rash in your pelvic area that has been present for over 15 days.

    • A persistent itch that doesn’t go away.

    • Infection in your pelvic region.

    • Inflammation of testicles.

    • Redness in the region of your groin.

    • Cancers are related to the male reproductive system.

    • Any sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

    How Are Urologists And Andrologists Different?

    An Andrologist And Urologist generally go hand in hand with males. But they are widely different from each other.

    Urology is a branch of medicine that focuses on problems with the urinary system.

    Both male and female diseases of the genitourinary system must be treated and diagnosed by a urologist. Urologists can treat diseases of the genitourinary tract with surgery or medication. Urologists often visit with patients, record and evaluate patients' medical histories, conduct diagnostic tests, develop treatment plans, and give therapies, among other tasks. A urologist can work with both genders.

    The field of medicine known as andrology, a subspecialty of urology, focuses on illnesses that affect men. Treatment of genitourinary problems that significantly affect men is the responsibility of an andrologist. Andrologists, like urologists, can operate on patients or treat their ailments with medication and other therapies.

    Common Andrology Tests

    Many tests can be performed or recommended by an andrologist to help in diagnosis and treatment planning. Here are a few of them:

    1. Semen analysis

    This test is used to analyze the semen to understand the shape, size, and structure of the sperm. This test helps to evaluate the cause of infertility. This is commonly done before an Andrologist Treatment plan is deduced.

    2. Semen culture

    A semen culture may be requested by your andrologist if there are more white blood cells than usual in your semen sample. A lab analyst will culture your sample of semen to look for bacterial growth to create a semen culture. Your piece of semen will be transferred to a different lab if bacteria are present to determine what kind of bacteria they are and what antibiotics will destroy them.

    3. Acrosome stimulation test

    The upper 40–60% of the sperm nucleus is encased by a structure called the acrosome cap, which is located inside the sperm head. The sperm must successfully enter the egg covering for the acrosome to function. The sperm must detach from the binding sites and unite with the egg following the acrosome response. Sperm that have acrosomes that have adequately responded to artificial stimulation can be found using the acrosome stimulation test, which employs a double-detection technique.

    4. Hormone levels

    Males have particular hormones known as testosterone. This hormone is mainly responsible for producing semen and secondary sexual characteristics. The underproduction of testosterone or the overproduction of progesterone can have unwanted effects. In this case, the andrologist can suggest a blood test that helps to determine the hormone levels.

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    An andrologist is a doctor who specializes in the male reproductive system. Every male is recommended to visit a doctor specializing in andrology for a regular check-up. An andrologist is different from a urologist, a doctor of the urinary system. Based on your symptoms, an andrologist shall recommend you diagnostic tests and suggest a treatment plan accordingly. An andrologist also takes care of your sexual wellness.


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