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Tantrums, fussy eaters, potty training and talking …welcome to the challenges of life with a toddler, Walking? Talking? Track your toddler's development on our key milestones chart.

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Who is a Toddler? 

Though the definitions may vary, a toddler's age is between 12 to 48 months year old. The word toddler is derived from ‘to toddle’ which means to walk unsteadily, as can be seen in children at this age. 

Developmental Milestones 

The developmental milestones may vary among toddlers but may include activities such as starting the use of words, pointing at objects, turning pages into a book, pushing & pull things and trying to hand over objects to others. 

Activities for Toddler 

Some of the fun activities for toddlers include box decorating, puzzle sorting, colour mixing, drawing block letters on a cardboard box and playing card games with them. 

Nutrition & Mealtimes 

Toddlers’ appetites vary within the day and the daily serves should include equal servings of fruit, vegetables, cereals and grains. Additionally, the need for lots of water will be helpful when it comes to quenching the thirst.   


For the toddler age group, the sleep should be anywhere between 11 to 14 hours which can be split up between the night time and a nap or two during the day. 

Potty Training 

The potty training of a toddler may be done between 18 to 24 months, but you need to ask yourself that can your child sit on the toilet, can he/she follow the basic directions and can your child communicate when he/she needs to go. 


Teach your toddler not to use aggressive behaviour and stay consistent when it comes to enforcing limits. Acknowledge the conflict, praise the good behaviour and keep calm when it comes to discouraging conflicting behaviour. 


Some of the challenges while dealing with a toddler includes tantrums and meltdowns, being choosy while eating, trouble while sleeping and similar behavioural issues. 

Parent Tips 

Parent tips for toddlers include encouraging toddlers to try and learn new things, putting up a special time for reading books, and explaining to them how things can work. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Toddlers 

The commonly asked questions about toddlers include how to get toddlers to sleep on time, how to potty train, how to deal with their tantrums and how to get them to brush their teeth. 

What is Toddler Life? 

The toddler life also known as terrible two’s is when a child learns the basic skills required in life such as walking, potty training, and brushing their teeth where your child continues to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively.   

What is the Best About Toddlers? 

A toddler can drive you mad with irritant behaviour but they are still cute as babies. Staying involved with them and helping them learn life skills can be a challenging yet fun activity for you!