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    Burping Your Baby

    Why do you need to burp your baby and what are the best positions to burp your baby

    Written on 13 April 2022

    Burping a baby is a very necessary skill for a new parent to learn. It is important to know how to burp a newborn baby after meals which will help to avoid gas or indigestion. There are different positions and bay burping techniques that help keep babies healthy. Here, we discuss some of the most important questions and a few baby burping tricks that can help you to do it.

    If you need some perspective on the activity, it is so important that there are baby burp cloths that are available for parents, as babies might throw up sometimes when they burp. Here are some baby burping techniques that new parents should know:

    1. Use the upright position more frequently

    1. Try not to burp a sleeping baby

    1. The best time to burp a baby is when they are awake and not after falling asleep

    1. Some babies take more time than others to burp and that is normal

    1. Make sure you are burping your baby after meals to keep their digestion healthy

    Now let us try and answer a few common questions that new parents ask about burping their baby. Read through this to find out how you can keep your baby healthy by burping them the right way.

    Can you burp a sleeping baby?

    - Yes, it is possible to burp a sleeping baby. But it is recommended not to do so. The best idea is to choose a more comfortable position - try holding them by the shoulder to your chest and rubbing their backs. If your baby is fast asleep, they will have a mild burp. It might wake your baby up, but it is for their benefit and they will be okay once they drift off to sleep again.

    How to burp a baby in a side-lying position?

    - Burping a baby in a side-lying position is not much different from burping a baby who is sitting upright. When they are lying on their side, hold your baby’s shoulder and rub or tap their backs. Do it in a uniform motion for one or two minutes. Most babies will burp within a minute. If the side-lying position does not seem to work well, it is recommended that you try the upright position.

    What if a baby doesn’t burp and falls asleep?

    - For very young babies, it is very common to fall asleep while eating. If they are holding a bottle or breastfeeding, they might be very comfortable and peacefully fall asleep. So it is not a very big issue if your baby has not burped before sleeping. You just need to look out for any signs of discomfort that may be caused due to gas.

    What if my baby won’t burp after feeding?

    - All babies function differently when it comes to their bodies. Some may be more prone to pooping after a meal rather than burping. But it is a good idea to burp a baby after feeding them the heavy meals of the day. You do not have to necessarily worry if your baby has fallen asleep after eating. But try to use a good position and make them burp after a meal.

    Is it ok to put baby to sleep without burping?

    - It is recommended that you burp your baby before you put them to sleep. This helps to avoid gas or indigestion in them. If there is some kind of discomfort they face while sleeping, you can guess that it is because they have a problem with gas formation.

    If you take care of a few things regarding your baby’s daily care, it will become fairly easy to take care of them and keep them healthy and happy.


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