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      West Bengal Government to Offer Cashless Institutional Delivery to Pregnant Women

      Government Policies & Schemes

      West Bengal Government to Offer Cashless Institutional Delivery to Pregnant Women

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      The survival and well-being of mothers and their babies are central to any family and community. In a bid to reduce maternal and infant mortality and offer choice to pregnant women, the government of West Bengal has launched the Ayushmati Scheme. Under the Ayushmati Scheme, the state promises to offer pregnant women cashless institutional delivery at empanelled private hospitals, nursing homes and NGO-run facilities.

      What is the Ayushmati Scheme in West Bengal?

      The Ayushmati Scheme introduced by the government of West Bengal offers cashless institutional delivery to pregnant women to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes. This scheme was first launched in 2007. Under the scheme, pregnant women from BPL and SC/ST families need not make any payment for the services offered under the Ayushmati Scheme to empanelled private health facilities. Additionally, pregnant women can avail of comprehensive emergency obstetric care, if need be.

      What is the objective of the Ayushmati Scheme?

      The Ayushmati Scheme of West Bengal aims:

      • To improve access to maternal health services and their utilization by BPL and SC/ST pregnant women.
      • To increase the probability of pregnant women delivering in a proper health facility so as to minimize maternal and infant mortality.
      • To promote mother and child care.
      • To offer choice to pregnant women.
      • To provide institutional deliveries at affordable costs.

      Who is eligible for the Ayushmati Scheme?

      The following pregnant women can benefit from the Ayushmati Scheme:

      • Pregnant women from BPL and all SC/ST families who have registered with the ANMs and availed at least 3 antenatal check-ups at any nearby public facilities
      • Pregnant women must have BPL/JSY/MCH cards and/or SC/ST certificates or Gram Panchayat certificates in order to avail of the services offered under Ayushmati Scheme.

      What are the Benefits of the Ayushmati Scheme?

      The benefits of the Ayushmati Scheme are as follows:

      • No-expense childbirth at empanelled private health facilities
      • Choice to elect suitable health service provider
      • Comprehensive emergency obstetric care at empanelled private healthy facility
      • Institutional delivery, normal as well as Caesarian section

      The Ayushmati Scheme proposes to increase institutional delivery for BPL and SC/ST pregnant women so that maternal and infant mortality can be brought down. For this, the West Bengal government has collaborated with numerous private health facilities to provide pregnant women from lower socio-economic strata institutional delivery services at affordable prices.

      This initiative will in turn improve access to private health services, generate demand and offer choices to pregnant women, especially those belonging to low socio-economic groups for whom cost is a major barrier to services. Additionally, the Ayushmati Scheme will engage the private health sector to provide quality, essential and emergency obstetric care to pregnant women from these sections of society. The cost of such services will be reimbursed by the state government to private institutions.

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