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    Wondering how many times can a newborn drinks mother's milk? Let us know.

    Written on 28 July 2021

    Mothers right after the delivery have to keep their newborn child under scrutiny to adopt her breastfeeding methodology. Even though many mothers resort to feeding their newborn frequently, it is rather important to establish a feeding pattern. If you are in a quandary, read the instructions below as to developing a good breastfeeding routine.

    • Breastfeed your new born at least 10 – 12 times: It is needless to say, how volatile the daily schedule of a newborn is; either they want to sleep or have milk. Therefore, roughly make a count to feed your newborn 10 to 12 times a day.

    • Breastfeed the new born before bedtime: Make sure to breastfeed your new born baby before you go to sleep. Although, you will have to feed them throughout the night in a gap of every 2-3 hours. But once you feed him/her right before your sleep you can have a good sleep of 2-3 hours before you have to wake up for another one.

    • Take the liberty of breastfeeding: You have become a parent now, own it, and take a little independence with a sense of responsibility. A new born might sleep for a stretch at a time, make sure to breastfeed your newborn in between; feed your baby arbitrarily.

    • Breastfeed your new born right after he poops or pees: Yes, it is mandatory to feed the baby after every 2 to 3 hours. However, in this course of time, he/she happens to poop or pee; after decluttering the mess, feed the newborn right away. The reason for the same is, your breast milk is light and gets digested easily. After a new born baby poops or pees, his / her stomach is empty yet again.

    • Check if your new born is hungry: The best way to check if your newborn baby is hungry or not is by putting your Pinky finger in your child’s mouth. If he/ she sucks it, that means it is time to feed him/ her again.

    Evolve your breastfeeding schedule over time and do not confine yourself to any advice completely. Be patient and set a schedule that suits the routine and patterns of the baby. Enjoy your breastfeeding phase because you are going to miss it once over.

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