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    Is your wife complaining about pain near the belly button? Here's what you should do.

    Written on 28 July 2021

    Pregnant women experience multiple changes in the body after they get pregnant. The uterus expands by the third trimester making it difficult for the uterus to accommodate it beyond the usual position, ends up putting extra pressure on the belly button. This is the reason you will find your wife complain about the pain in her belly button. We want to assure you it is the case with most expecting mothers. We will help you find ways in which you can make her feel better:

    • Apply warm or cool compresses: you can apply warm or cool compresses on the problematic area around the belly button. This will give her a lot of relief.

    • Check for umbilical hernia: women that have significant and regular discomfort in the belly button must consult a doctor. An Umbilical hernia is a possibility in pregnant women and more in the ones that are pregnant as well as obese.

    • Get her a belly button cover: sometimes pregnant ladies experience irritation near the belly button by rubbing against the clothes. You can get her a specially designed belly button cover.

    • Suggest her to apply lotion at the belly button: Applying lotion on and near the belly button can help protect her from itching and uncomfortable irritation at that area. Get her a good lotion to apply.

    • Book a pregnancy massage for her: pregnancy massages help in the overall relaxation of the body and get rid of any fatigue.

    • Consult a doctor if you find rashes accompanied by itching at her belly button: if your wife complains of rashes and itching both. It points at a serious condition of plaques of pregnancy or polymorphic eruption of pregnancy. You must consult a doctor for her as soon as possible.

    We are sure you are familiar enough as to why she complains about the pain and what you can do to make her feel better.

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