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    Worried about how to ease your wife's backache during pregnancy? We will love to help you.

    Written on 28 July 2021

    We love all the fathers that stay super concerned for their wives throughout their pregnancy and beyond. We believe you understand the changes and pain she has to go through to deliver your baby. Some pregnant women experience uneasiness, backache, nausea, vomiting, etc. Is your wife going through backache? And you wonder how can you help her? Don’t worry we will take you through some things you can do for her to get relief from the backache.

    • Get her comfortable footwear: Some women wear uncomfortable footwear or heels unintentionally. Not knowing it's one of the major reasons for their pain. Get her comfortable footwear to save her from the pain.

    • Join swimming classes with her: swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant ladies. It is generally considered safe during all trimesters of pregnancy. Who could be a better swimming partner than a husband himself?

    • Make sure she does yoga: yoga helps to build the muscles better to improve the posture and support the back. If she practices yoga from the beginning, she wouldn't have to face any backache issues. Yoga or any other form of exercise is important for pregnant women to have easy and safe deliveries.

    • Help her stay active throughout the day: Staying active helps to keep back pain in check. Keep her busy and active. If you stay active yourself you can involve her too in one activity or the other.

    • Make her lie on her side: As the pregnancy develops side sleeping gets important. You can even offer her a pregnancy pillow to help her with better support.

    • Give her a massage: if the pain is not that severe, you can offer to give her a little massage before bedtime. This will help her fall asleep and also give you a chance to spend a good time together. If you think the pain is unbearable for her, you should consult a doctor for her.

    • Book a physical therapy appointment: Booking a massage or physical therapy for your wife is never going to be a bad idea. They help them get relief by manipulating the muscles, nerves, etc.

    We hope you will no more be doubtful about how you could be any help to her.

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