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      Top 10 DIY Makeup Hacks

      Makeup Hacks

      Top 10 DIY Makeup Hacks

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Whether you are a newbie, a pro makeup enthusiast or even a would-be mom looking to amplify that pregnancy glow, a handful of makeup hacks can serve just right any day and any time. Little uplifting tricks to your eyelids, cheeks, neck, forehead or any part of that gorgeous face can bless your looks for good. While the basics of makeup are easy to master, DIY makeup hacks can level up your makeup game to keep you noticed and appreciated day or night.

      DIY Make-Up Hacks to Try

      Here's a quick list of 10 you can use to amp up your makeup styling.

      1. Triangular undereye application of concealer

      1. Covering your eyelids with concealer to screen those dark spots and marks is often tempting but is best refrained to spare them a bulky look. Instead, choose to triangulate your inner eye region downward and mix it up nicely for a clean and brightened undereye to bring attention to the pupils for a glowy and more intense look. It is one of the most helpful makeup hacks for eyes that professional artists rely on.

      1. Quick DIY shaping of your eyebrows

      1. Eyebrows need frequent shaping, which can be challenging to seek every time. Instead, you can learn your DIY makeup hack to shape them before getting ready for a fresh and clean look. Use a spoolie to brush the brows and outline them with a brow pencil. Next, run a few flat strokes of the pencil to fill your brows and pat them with a slight dab of vaseline to keep it sticky and in place.

      1. Complement your eye shape with the right eyeliner

      1. Flaunting your eyelashes can be the key to highlighting your makeup look, and the best lining is the one that complements your eye shape the best. Whether you have round eyes, hooded, monolid, or downturned eye shapes, intensify those lashes with the right eyeliner style. Doing the liners right can be one of the best makeup hacks for beginners.

      1. Keep your lipstick on for long

      1. Even the best lipsticks leave a blobby stain on glasses, tissues, and other surfaces they come in touch with. This DIY makeup hack to try at home can quickly lead to faded lip colour and steal some drips out of your fab look, which you can easily avoid with a quick make-do on those beautiful little curves. Just put a thin tissue on your lips and brush on a slight dip of translucent powder for a long-lasting look.

      1. Go for a quick fix of your foundation-concealer dewy look

      1. Getting a fashion pro-like dewy look is simple if you pick a mix of foundation and concealer as your makeup base. Combine the two with a moisturiser or essential oil and blend it as a makeup base. That brings the minimalist no-makeup look with a dewy touch, instantly getting you party-ready, which also counts it as one of the best DIY makeup hacks for beginners.

      1. Tightline your eyelash bases for a fuller look

      1. Defined and fuller eyes keep the attention highlighted on your makeup, which can be easily attained by tightening the eyelashes, a useful makeup hack that is quick to apply. All you need to do is pick up the base of your eyelashes to apply the liner. Better yet, use a gel eyeliner and push it to the lash roots for an impactful defining.

      1. Base the blush for a perfect glow

      1. If you are not a fan of foundations first on the skin or want to get a quick fix to the lengthy makeup priming, you can do good with a blush as well. Dab a slight blush from your cheekbones down to the jaws and jawlines and blend well before putting on the foundation to get the right glow for your skin. Make sure to keep your skin well-hydrated. It can be a great makeup hack for oily skin types to keep the glow on for a long.

      1. Hashtag your way to hot and smokey eyes in a minute

      1. You may not need to do much to get that perfect smokey eye, as a simple slanted hashtag shape with your kohl or eyeliner well blended into the lashes would do. Use creamy eyeliner to better blend it on the tender lids for just the right texture.

      1. Double up your liquid lipstick as an eyeliner

      1. When putting on your eyeliner next, why not make it a little fun and add a dash of colour to it by replacing it with liquid lipstick? Blend it with a bit of moisturiser for easy removal, and apply sharp through the lash edges as a fun makeup hack. What's more, you also save money on buying coloured eyeliners!

      1. Base coat your nails with glue mix for a clean paint removal

      1. Here's a quick trick to keep your nails perfectly cleaned with no residue during nail paint removal. Mix a bit of glue to your base nail coat before applying your nail colour. When peeling it off, you can clean up the nail easily without leaving any residue.

      Well, while this gives a load of makeup hacks to keep your updo quick and classy, it is best to prep up your face with an essential skincare routine. Your makeup's going to reflect the best of you only when the skin has a natural glow. And so should you follow a healthy makeup removal routine to clean up the pores well for another great day next. To get more such beauty tips and tricks and get makeup advice, check out the Mylo beauty blogs. You can also check out some beauty products at the Mylo Store for healthy and happy skin.

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