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    Till what age can you clean your baby's teeth with a finger toothbrush?

    Written on 22 July 2022

    Your baby’s teeth start growing right when they are still growing in your womb. In fact, they already have 20 hidden teeth under their gums when they are born. Establishing good oral habits right at an early stage can turn out to be quite beneficial for your baby later on!

    How Long Can You Continue Using A Finger Toothbrush?

    So now, the main question is, how long should you use a finger toothbrush for your baby, and when should you stop using it? Many pediatric dentists recommend using a finger toothbrush until your baby is about 19 months old. In fact, motivating your child to clean their teeth can set in a good wave of healthy habits.

    Some babies might have their milk teeth growing by the time they are 7 and 11 months old. However, some babies can have their milk teeth popping out even at three months. Another interesting fact is that there is no proper order in which milk teeth may grow. In the majority of the cases, the lower as well as the upper incisors, appear first. Molars then pop out next, followed by premolars and then canines.

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    What Are Some Of The Ways You Can Get Your Child To Brush Their Teeth?

    One of the best ways to clean your baby’s teeth is given below.

    1. Position your child accordingly so that their mouth is observable. Try getting your baby to sit down or have them lay their head on your lap.

    1. Consider cupping your baby’s chin.

    1. Gently rub the finger toothbrush around your baby’s teeth. Make sure to make circular options in the front as well as at the back of every tooth. Don’t miss out on the gumline!

    Apart from that, you can also assist your baby in cleaning their teeth by letting them play with the baby finger toothbrush. Thus, they will eventually end up putting the finger toothbrush in their mouth during their play in the bath.

    However, it may be pretty crucial for you to supervise your baby when they are playing with the toothbrush. If your baby does not like brushing their teeth, consider distracting them with their favorite toy or by singing a lullaby.

    After the brushing is over, submerge the toothbrush in warm tap water and rise it dry. Make sure to let it dry completely in the air. It is essential that you discard a kids finger toothbrush every three months or whenever you notice the bristles get worn out!

    How Can You Help Your Baby Prevent Tooth Decay At An Early Stage?

    Indeed, tooth decay or a cavity is a common dental problem today. If proper care is not taken, you may soon see your baby’s teeth falling out or undergoing a root canal. Your baby’s diet and oral hygiene are two of the most important aspects to consider in order to prevent tooth decay.

    Consider giving your child only breast milk until they are six months old. Babies that are older than half a year can also consume water. Apart from that, make sure to avoid giving any sugary drinks or sweets at an early age. Milk teeth are usually more prone to decay compared to permanent teeth.

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    If your baby’s tooth hasn’t popped up yet, dental hygiene is still critical. Consider using a damp cloth to wipe your baby’s gums clean. Thus, this will eventually help your baby to adjust to brushing, especially when their first tooth pops out!

    Many online stores also offer infant finger toothbrush with bristles that are designed for babies who have not reached the age of 2 yet! However, if your baby gets irritated when a toothbrush goes poking around in their mouth, you can stick to the damp washcloth and wipe out the food debris off your baby’s teeth!


    Dr. Dana Fox Tips for Brushing Baby & Toddler Teeth

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