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    Stretch Marks On Stomach: Causes and Treatments


    Stretch Marks On Stomach: Causes and Treatments

    Updated on 8 February 2024

    Stretch marks are the kind of scars that one might have on their body when their skin stretches or shrinks rapidly. It is a common concern among women who have recently experienced pregnancy or rapid loss or gain of weight. Pregnant women usually get stomach stretch marks in the last trimester of their pregnancy. Although these marks are harmless, it affects a person's self-esteem.

    What are Stretch Marks?

    The human skin is elastic due to the presence of collagen in them. And when the skin expands rapidly, the human body cannot produce enough collagen. This results in scars in the overstretched areas. If someone has stretch marks, they do not need to worry as almost 90 percent of people have them, and they can appear on multiple places on the body, such as -

    • Stomach
    • Breasts
    • Buttocks
    • Thighs
    • Upper arms

    One can easily identify stretch marks on their skin. Stretch marks on stomach on any part of the body appear in the shape of rippled grooves and are itchy. The color of stretch marks depends on a person's skin tone; they can appear purple, red, pink, or reddish brown.

    Why do Stretch Marks appear on Stomach?

    The stretch marks appear on one's stomach due to two main reasons, which are as follows -

    • Expansion or contraction of the skin.
    • An unusual increase in cortisone levels in the body

    One can also see stretchmarks on their stomach under the following conditions -

    • During pregnancy, when the skin stretches too much to make room for the developing fetus, one can get stretch marks. Stretch marks on belly appear due to the continuous stretching and tugging experienced during this period.
    • When someone loses or gains weight abruptly, stretch marks may appear on the skin. This usually happens with teenagers during the growth spurt.
    • By using lotions and creams containing corticosteroids, one can also get stretch marks, as these creams make the skin less flexible.

    How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Belly?

    Stretch marks are unpleasant, and sometimes people are not okay with waiting for these marks to fade. These people prefer instant removal of stretch marks and are constantly looking for answers on how to get rid of stretch marks on the stomach as soon as possible. Some cosmetic procedures which can help in getting rid of stretch marks are as follows -

    1. Fraxel skin therapy

    Fraxel skin therapy is a painless procedure for reducing stretch marks on the skin. The procedure involves healing the skin damaged due to overstretching. This method is applicable for both newer and old stretch marks. This process is also good for people with scars and sun damage.

    This is a non-invasive procedure and does not require surgery. Doctors perform this procedure by using a microscopic laser that enters the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin necessary for the elastic growth of the skin. This results in easier removal of stretch marks and also makes the procedure less painful and quick. The procedure takes one hour to complete, and patients can resume their regular routine within days.

    2. CO2 lasers

    CO2 laser treatment is ideal for people with more prominent stretch marks. This is the most effective way to remove stretchmarks from the stomach. One can use this as a supplementary treatment to frekel skin therapy or a separate treatment. After the CO2 laser treatment has effectively removed stretch marks on the stomach, one must undergo a few days of healing after the treatment.

    CO2 lasers make microscopic punctures on the skin to stimulate collagen production. This procedure can make stretch marks smaller and eventually remove them from the skin. Patients with severe stretch marks may need multiple treatments of CO2 lasers over three to six months to see any visible results.

    Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks on stomach permanently?

    Stretch marks, like any other scar, eventually fade away. The permanent treatment of belly stretch marks involves rebuilding healthy skin tissues under the stretch marks and then fading the current scars. Special laser treatments, such as laser stretch mark removal, can be conducted at dermatology clinics to remove stretch marks permanently.

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    How to prevent stretch marks on stomach?

    One can easily prevent stretch marks on their skin by having a balanced diet, regular exercise, and staying hydrated. Consulting a dietician to make an ideal diet can help reduce the chances of getting stretch marks.

    Stretch marks are natural, and one can not help but have them on their body. And once a person gets stretch marks, they can either wait for them to fade away or seek expert help for any cosmetic treatment.


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