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    Some Quick And Effective Tips To Prevent Vomiting During Pregnancy

    Written on 2 August 2022

    Pregnancy is a three-trimester journey that comes with many pleasant and unpleasant experiences. One such unpleasant experience is vomiting, which keeps a pregnant woman sick while affecting her diet. Vomiting or nausea is often termed a common symptom of pregnancy. It is also noted that most expecting mothers do not experience chronic vomiting after the end of their first trimester. Here are solutions for how to stop vomiting in pregnancy.

    When does vomiting start during pregnancy?

    Vomiting and nausea are considered common conditions during pregnancy, experienced by over 75% of pregnant women. Most women experience vomiting somewhere around six weeks of pregnancy. It can last for days to months. However, most women also experience improvement in their condition after the first trimester of pregnancy. It is important to note that vomiting is not a bad sign during pregnancy. However, excessive vomiting on a routine basis can also dehydrate the mother and baby.

    How to stop vomiting during pregnancy?

    There is no foolproof method to reduce vomiting or stop it during pregnancy. However, certain methods can help. Here are a few practical ones.

    Make changes in your eating patterns.

    The first thing to try is to eat little quantities of food in small intervals. During pregnancy, never eat so much in a single meal. It is better to begin the day with cereals, toast, crackers, and dry fruits. It is also essential to sip in little quantities of fluids like water, fruit juices, etc. Instead of eating two full meals, i.e., lunch and dinner, an expecting mom should eat small meals every two to three hours.

    Pregnant women also feel nausea due to the strong odor of certain foods. For such cases, it is better to avoid those foods which are unpleasing to the senses. It is also important to avoid greasy, fried, and spicy foods as they can be major triggering factors.

    How to stop vomiting in pregnancy with home remedies?

    Home remedies can be helpful at times to deal with vomiting during pregnancy. Although, it is also essential to know that every human body is different, and specific home remedies may and may not work in some instances. With that being said, here are some home remedies to try out:

    1. Lemon
      Lemon is one of the safest home remedies to stop vomiting during pregnancy. Pregnant women can also smell fresh lemon peel to feel better. Drinking little quantities of lemonade is also advisable to deal with frequent vomiting.

    1. Mint
      Mint is another wonderful option to deal with vomiting. Mint comes with menthol properties that improve digestion. Chewing some fresh mint leaves once a day is advisable to reduce nausea and vomiting.

    1. Foods with vitamin B6
      It is essential to have foods with vitamin B6 for the growth of the fetus. It is also observed that it can ease nausea and vomiting to a certain extent. Eating foods rich in Vitamin B6 is advisable to prevent nausea.

    1. Cumin water
      Another effective and safe way to deal with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is to consume cumin water. Cumin water can be prepared by adding one or two teaspoons of cumin seeds to regular water and heating it for about 15 minutes. Let it cool down and consume it in small quantities throughout the day.

    1. Going for regular walks
      Walking is a very effective and light exercise for pregnant women and the fetus. It can improve health and reduce nausea and vomiting to a considerable extent. Above all, it is said that regular walks also increase the chances of normal delivery.

    1. Eat citrus fruits
      Citrus fruits are superb antioxidants and can help ease nausea and vomiting. So, including them in the routine diet can be good to please the taste buds with a tangy taste.

    How to control vomiting during pregnancy with medication?

    If home remedies don't work, it is advisable to go for medication to stop vomiting if it becomes unbearable. It is advisable not to choose any medicine to control vomiting and nausea on one's own as it may impact the baby's health. The best thing that pregnant women can do is to discuss their condition with their gynecologist. They can prescribe the proper medication as per the condition of the mother and fetus.

    Final words

    Nausea and vomiting might be considered typical symptoms of pregnancy, but they can become challenging to deal with if it becomes chronic. Many women struggle to find how to stop vomiting during pregnancy. The practical tips covered above can help relieve nausea and vomiting using home remedies and changes in eating patterns. However, there are some instances in which these methods don't work. In such scenarios, it is essential to take help from a medical expert. A gynecologist, specifically, can prescribe the right medication to ease the situation.


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