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    24 Benefits of Sabudana During Pregnancy

    Written on 2 September 2020

    Meta: In pregnancy, pregnant women may benefit from sabudana, a superfood. Check out the benefits of sabudana during pregnancy and some ways to add it to your diet.

    Why should you have Sabudana during Pregnancy?

    Did you know that Sabudana during pregnancy has significant benefits to the mother and the baby? Pregnancy is an essential experience that women go through where they are responsible for not just their lives but also for a baby's life. We all are doing well because of our mothers and their care when we were little.

    Not just for mothers during pregnancy, post-pregnant mothers should also keep a check on their diet and diet to ensure that their babies are healthy as mothers' lactate during that period. A baby is wholly dependent on their mother for food and all the vitamins and nutrition they get through them.

    Therefore, pregnant mothers should keep a healthy diet that includes the most beneficial ingredients that they can follow even after their delivery. Let's see why Sagoo is a healthy alternative and whether you should eat them during pregnancy or not. So, let's get started.

    About Sabudana

    Sabudana is also called Saksak, sahu or rabia in countries of Tropical regions. They are quite famous in the Asian countries.

    Sabudana or Sagoo is a nutritious and edible starch form that is considered a healthy alternative to other starches such as rice. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Sabudana can be eaten in various styles such as a snack, a main course or even a dessert.

    Tapioca is often confused with sago. However, they are both different. Sago is derived from a variety of tropical palm trees and is an edible form of starch. However, tapioca is a starch made from cassava roots. Tapioca is used mainly in Indian style cooking.

    Sabudana has been considered versatile in its use as you can create so many recipes with them. They are easy to cook and taste great also. They are beneficial because of their endless benefits.

    Babies will benefit from Sabudana as it has all the characteristics necessary during the time of birth and development, such as bone development(bone strength and bone density), muscle growth, immunity system development, providing enough energy, etc.

    Is Sabudana safe to consume during pregnancy?

    First of all, you have to construct a diet plan full of nutritious food items and safe for your baby's health. Sabudana, also known as Sagoo, is one such item that is famous as a fast-item which is a healthy derivative for starch. Starches only provide stored energy, but sabudana is that form of starch that provides carbohydrates in addition to vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex etc. you also receive minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and even magnesium.

    So, if you incorporate sago in your diet, you can replace it with Maida or all-purpose flour and create endless dishes from it. The most crucial feature of Sabudana is that it helps in the digestion of food and gets easily digested as well. Since sabudana comes in two forms, i.e., powder and pearls, you can create whatever dish you want to.

    However, women who have diabetes may avoid sago for consumption as it has a high content of carbohydrates. It could increase calories and make you gain weight, or you can limit the portion of sago you eat and create such a diet chart that incorporates intake of sabudana for pregnancy with some exercise or yoga.

    Nutritious Benefits of Sabudana

    People usually eat Sabudana during fasting periods. They make an excellent substitute for wheat and wheat products and satiate your hunger. Sagoo or Sabudana is rich in the following elements below

    • Proteins are an essential element for the baby's cell growth or cell generation.

    • Carbohydrates – is essential for the baby since they can derive energy to carry out involuntary processes of the body. Carbohydrates act as stored energy.

    • Vitamin B complex

    • Potassium is necessary for the regulation of blood pressure. Therefore, controlling blood pressure is essential to avoid any diseases in the heart.

    • Calcium – This is necessary for bone health.

    • Magnesium is an essential element as it helps increase the bone density for the baby and the mother.

    • Iron – This is necessary for brain development.

    • Dietary fibres, etc.

    • Essential Amino acids are a big part of sabudana, which are necessary during the birthing process.

    • Sabudana even boosts the nervous system and improves immunity as a result. They work on the nervous system well.

    Sabudana or sago has the entire necessary features needed for pregnant ladies and their babies. Therefore, you can add them to your diet and you can even eat them as snacks or proper lunches.

    Benefits of Sagoo or Sabudana

    • Sabudana benefits in pregnancy are numerous, and you will not regret adding this item to your food diet.

    • The nutrient content is abundant - As we read above, there are loads of nutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals present in Sagoo, which helps develop the baby's body.

    • Provides a calm environment in the body – women often complain about burning sensations in their stomach or feelings of discomfort, which can be cured easily by Sagoo as it improves digestion.

    • Tackles birth deformities – Sabudana in pregnancy time can help cure any deformities during the birthing process. This is because it has Vitamin B complex and folic acid that plays an essential role in fetal development.

    • Help in enhancing everyday performance – since you are provided with vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and other vital nutrients, women can also boost their daily routine by inculcating Sabudana in their diet.

    • Facilitates muscle gain – Sabudana has a good store of protein in them and can help in the growth of muscles that can be good for your body as well as the baby.

    • Suitable for the growth of the baby – A baby can receive all the essential elements of development with Sabudana and facilitate healthy growth of their body.

    • Helps improve digestion – women experience constipation as a standard-issue during pregnancy. However, Sabudana khichdi during pregnancy can serve as a digestive remedy and cool down the stomach from all the heat the body is creating for the baby.

    • Reduces issues caused by free molecules – these pretty pearl-shaped food can neutralize the effect of diseases caused by free molecules in the body. This is because they are full of antioxidants that are powerful enough in conquering diseases.

    • If the number of free molecules increases, it could lead to cellular damage and cause severe diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Since Sagoo is high in tannins and flavonoids, they increase immunity and reduce inflammation.

    • Helps in strengthening bones –sabudana is an excellent source of calcium that can help strengthen the bones of the baby and the mother. The presence of magnesium also helps in increasing bone density and reducing the chances of having osteoporosis.

    • Helps in Regulation of Blood pressure- since Sabudana is rich in potassium, they help control the blood pressure and help have a healthy flow of blood.

    • A healthy flow of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood means that your pressure is controlled, and the chances of stroke or heart attack are less than usual.

    • May reduce the heart disease risk – Sabudana also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which means that there is less chance of harbouring a heart disease. Amylose is a type of starch that is responsible for controlled pressure levels. When the body digests amylase, it releases sugar which improves cholesterol levels.

    The right way of eating Sagoo

    • Versatility is Sagoo's middle name. You can prepare a lot of dishes with sabudana because it is really versatile. For example, you can create snacks with it, such as papadTikki, or you can make desserts with it, such as sabudana ki kheer or Sabudana halwa.

    • You can even make lunch and dinner with sabudana, such as sabudana sabzi combined with aloo and chapati. Sabudana is a staple of the Indian household and is eaten during fasting times.

    • You can even add peanuts and vegetables with sabudana to make your dish more nutritious. You can use sabudana in two forms: Powder or pearls.

    • The powder form is generally easy to use if you're making dough from it. However, whereas pearls make great papads and tikkis, you have to soak them first to use them. So soak them overnight before using them in water.


    Now that we have studied every aspect of Sabudana or Sagoo, it is safe to say that they make the best addition to your food diet because of their quintessential benefits. However, you have to take care of the portion size you eat since they are high in carbohydrates and may lead to some weight gain in your body.

    Also, you must purchase sabudana available in grocery markets since they sell processed sago. The unprocessed sabudana or sago is poisonous in nature, and you can experience liver damage, vomiting and even death in some rare cases.

    Therefore, we can conclude that sabudana bought from the markets is safe to consume and can be converted into a variety of dishes. Therefore, their benefits are endless and help the baby in healthy development.


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