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    Growth & Development

    Role of Stories and Rhymes in your baby's brain development 

    Written on 25 November 2020

    Reading stories and singing rhymes to your baby is the simplest yet the most effective way to help develop your baby’s cognitive as well as language skills. It helps to build upon their imagination and enhances their reading skills once they start school. By reading books to your babies, you help to build upon their vocabulary which, helps them with language and communication. Through reading, you can familiarise and introduce children with various educational concepts like shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and that too in a fun and entertaining manner.

    During the first 12 months, your baby would have learned a lot of different sounds, by the age of 12-18 months, babies start to say simple words. The more books you read and the more rhymes you sing to them, the greater number of words they learn, which helps them to talk clearly and fluently from an early age in their life. Hearing different words through stories and rhymes helps a baby in enriching their vocabulary and it also aids the network in their brains.

    Babies whose parents read to them from an incredibly early age and regularly, become more curious and engaging in nature. They can learn and comprehend things more easily and quickly than babies who have no such exposure to stories and rhymes. Babies who are read to regularly are advanced in reading and learning at school than other babies of their age. They can reach their developmental milestone earlier in comparison to other children.

    How do singing rhymes and reading stories help your baby?

    1. Your baby learns to differentiate between various sounds and emotions. This enhances their social and emotional skills.
    2. Reading encourages your baby to answer, express, touch, point, and analyze various things present around them from the words they hear in the multiple stories and rhymes. It generates curiosity in their young mind hence, enhances their cognitive skills.
    3. Also, listening to rhymes and stories helps them in copying sounds, learning words, and recognizing various pictures that they see. They try to repeat the words and sounds they hear which helps to develop their language and communication skills.

    These are some of the most essential reasons as to why you should introduce your baby to the world of stories and rhymes from an early age. To help you with your needs of finding different interesting stories each time, Mylo Family has carefully created a selection of stories and rhymes which you can access by downloading the Mylo App on your phone. Through the Mylo App, you can read different exciting stories as well as sing and dance to rhymes. the Mylo App has made reading stories and singing rhymes a child’s play. Your baby will be learning and playing at the same time. It is a wonderful way to bond with your child and connect with them as they learn and grow.

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