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    Daddy duties: Here's your guide to fatherhood

    Written on 24 June 2021

    Daddy Duties: Here’s Your Guide To Fatherhood

    Fatherhood is not rocket science, yet it is the most difficult journey. You need to get ahead of the game by reading the parenting books and then show your newfound fatherhood skills when a little one arrives in your world. Learning to be a dad is not a cakewalk, but here’s some help.

    Preparing for Labour and Delivery

    While mothers deliver their babies, it is common for the dad to become anxious about the ordeal. Some hospitals offer classes to would-be fathers. If not, you can seek help from your doctor. Try to schedule a free tour of the labour and delivery area, read about the stages of labour, and learn the pain-relief measures for the mother-to-be. You need to be more familiar with your surroundings and the expectations for each stage in labour. When you are familiar, you are more relaxed when these situations occur.

    Know the Right Amount of Food for Your Child

    As a father, you should know that your child’s stomach is tiny, so the volume required for feeding must be very little. Your new-born's stomach after birth is usually the size of a marble and holds not more than a teaspoon, which gradually increases. Look if your child is fussy or feels contended after eating. If he or she is fussy, try burping.

    Preparing a Bottle

    If the mom is not completely breastfeeding her baby, the baby’s father needs to learn how to prepare his baby’s bottle before checking out of the hospital. You can use a water warming gizmo or heat it using an alternative method. Regardless of how you adopt, warm the bottle to around 98.5◦F. Use a good food-grade thermometer on your bottle warmer to measure its temperature. Ensure that you learn all these before so that you do not have to wake your spouse at 4 am.

    Packing a Diaper Bag

    Diapers, wipes, a changing cloth, and a burp rag are a few essential components that your diaper bag must hold. If you are using cloth diapers, it is essential to pack a wet bag for hauling the wet and soiled diapers back home. Do not forget to have a few bottles, water, and formula if you are a formula feeder. If your baby requires a pacifier, keep an extra in the bag. Hand sanitizer, changing pad, baby toys, books, and a clean shirt for baby’s parents are other handy things.

    Swaddling a Baby

    Ask your baby’s nurse how to swaddle your baby. Generally, you need to make a baby burrito using a blanket that would stimulate the coziness of the womb and help the baby sleep.


    Take up these small duties as a father. It helps in better bonding with your baby and gives the mother time to rest.

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