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    Why do you need to wear a high waisted panty during pregnancy?

    Written on 21 July 2022

    Indeed, pregnancy can bring about many changes in your body, ranging from mood swings to unexpected weight gain. With the increasing weight, one will have to bring in numerous changes to their closet as well. The top priority for many pregnant women, especially when it comes to their wardrobe, is their panty!

    Are you wondering about which panty to buy? Do you think a high-waisted maternity panty could be a greater choice compared to a low-waisted one? If so, why is it important to wear such type of panty, especially during your pregnancy period? A lot of your questions are sure to be answered in this article. Therefore, consider reading further to learn more about the best kinds of maternity panties today!

    What Is The Right Type Of Panty To Opt For During Pregnancy?

    So, what is the right type of panty you should go for, especially during pregnancy? With the inflation of the lower abdomen, one cannot adjust to their old underwear. Apart from that, you may have to keep numerous aspects in mind before purchasing a new one! A few of the aspects include size, comfortability as well as overall flexibility. Therefore, one of the best choices for you would definitely be a maternity panty.

    During pregnancy, it may be more beneficial to opt for a high-waisted maternity panty. Thus, this is because such maternity panties provide full coverage, eventually putting less pressure on the bump region. Besides, these panties can turn out to be extremely beneficial, especially in your last trimester.

    What Are Some Of The Benefits Of High Waisted Panties?

    High-waisted panties offer comfortability to many pregnant women, regardless of the shape of their belly. Consider the body of a pregnant woman; such panties are designed to enhance your movement as well as stretching. Eventually, pregnant mothers find it more convenient to move or perform their daily activities with high waisted maternity panties.

    High-waisted maternity panties are made of soft fabrics, therefore preventing any form of irritation to your skin. The overall elasticity also ensures enhanced comfort throughout the pregnancy phase. Given below are a few points to keep in mind before opting for the best high-waisted panty.

    Make Note Of Your Size

    Size is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind before purchasing high-waisted underwear. Although one may not be able to determine their actual size, it is always best to opt for a size that is large. Thus, this is because one cannot predict how much bigger their tummy can get, especially during their last trimester.

    Determine Your Waist Type

    This is the next point to consider when you buy a high waisted maternity panty. High-waisted panties cover a major part of your belly. However, low-waisted panties usually remain under your tummy. According to your waist type and comfortability level, your can either opt for a high-waisted or a low-waisted maternity panty.

    Look Out For The Material Of The Panty

    During pregnancy, it is always advisable to go for fresh, breathable, and stretchy materials in order to ensure comfort and avoid irritation. Among all the options, cotton and micro-fiber-based materials prove to be the best options. Many brands today offer odor-free as week as antibacterial high-waisted maternity panties. However, such maternity panties may turn out to be a bit pricey.


    The stretchability of the fabric, as well as the type of material, can help you determine the durability of your high-waisted panty. Besides, you will also be able to figure out how long the panties will last without getting torn or damaged.

    Back Support

    During pregnancy, your back endures a lot of pressure. Thus, you may want to invest in panties that are meant to help you for a specific period of time. The size of your panties may also change depending on the belly size. Therefore, opt for a panty that also provides back support besides comfortability. High-waisted panties usually satisfy this requirement.


    There isn’t any specific rule regarding what to wear and what not to wear during pregnancy. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and enables you to perform your daily activities passes off as a good aspect during pregnancy. Therefore, opting for the right type of maternity high waist panties can help you enjoy your pregnancy days!

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