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    What does Late Conception Pregnancy mean?


    What does Late Conception Pregnancy mean?

    Updated on 3 November 2023

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    Late conception means a common condition wherein a woman cannot conceive even after nine months of unprotected sex. Late conception in pregnancy doesn't always mean there won't be any chance of conceiving. Sometimes it's just because of underlying issues that need to be solved using the proper treatment. However, it is always wise to consult an obstetric and gynaecology specialist as soon as you know you're expecting pregnancy.

    What are the causes of Delayed Conception?

    Late conception or late fertilization pregnancy can occur due to various reasons. There can be multiple reasons and underlying health conditions for delayed conception. Here are some possible causes that may contribute to delayed conception:

    • Uterine fibrosis- Non-cancerous tumour growths in the walls of the womb (uterus)

    • Endometriosis- Abnormal tissue growths outside the uterus

    • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)- Hormonal imbalance that interferes with conception

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    • Pelvic inflammatory diseases- Infections affecting the reproductive organs

    • Blockage- Blockage in the fallopian tube, which connects the ovaries to the uterus

    • Decreased Ovarian Reserve (DOR)- A condition in which the ovaries lose their normal reproductive potential.

    • Male infertility- Low semen/sperm-related issues

    Other causes of late fertilization pregnancy include:

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    • Age-related issues

    • Obesity

    • Stress

    • Hypothyroidism

    • Diabetes

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    • Breastfeeding

    • Ovulation problems

    • Certain types of medication use during reproductive years

    What are the symptoms of Late Conception?

    Late conception pregnancy means different for every woman. Many women don't feel anything during the process, while others report some noticeable late conception symptoms, which can include the following:

    • Changes in colour and thickness of the cervical mucous discharge after the expected date of ovulation.

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    • Change in basal body temperature.

    • One-sided lower abdominal pain later in the cycle (Mittelschmerz)

    Can late ovulation cause late conception?

    Most late conceptions happen when a woman has conceived late in the cycle, which is caused by late ovulation in the menstrual cycle. This is primarily because irregular ovulation can make it difficult to predict the fertility window, which makes it difficult to conceive. However, there are no symptoms of late ovulation, but there are symptoms of ovulation which are as follows:

    • The vaginal mucus comes as clear and stretchy as egg whites.

    • The basal body temperature will increase, and a slight rise in this temperature indicates ovulation.

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    • Constant pain in the side or lower abdomen, also known as mittelschmerz, can also be experienced during ovulation.

    By having sex when these symptoms occur, one can increase the chances of late ovulation pregnancy success. There are various medical conditions that can alter ovulation and make it a delayed conception cause. Some of these are:

    • Hypothyroidism

    • PCOS

    • Premature ovarian failure

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    • Hyperprolactinemia

    • Tumour in your pituitary gland

    Can doctors detect late conception using Sonography?

    If you conceive late in your cycle, this is probably because of a delay in ovulation. And this causes a difference in the baby's actual age and the predicted date. One can see Delayed Conception In Sonography; as a result, there will be nothing, and the doctor won't find anything on the scan, and the fetus's heartbeat will also remain undetectable during the scans.

    Does delayed conception have anything to do with the gender of the child?

    The Shettles Method in the 1970s states that male and female sperms have different characteristics, and one can try to conceive a boy or girl by identifying these differences. He believes that the male sperm is smaller and swims faster, while the female is slower but fitter and lasts longer than the male sperm. This means that having intercourse at the beginning of the fertile window ensures that the female sperm is the only sperm surviving at the time of ovulation and that the mother will conceive a female baby.
    However, recent studies have disapproved of this theory. They have declared that the timing of sex is related to ovulation and doesn't actually influence whether a person conceives a boy or girl.

    Can a conception calculator predict a late conception?

    A conception calculator will allow a person to predict the exact date of conception. And therefore, when a woman suspects a late conception pregnancy calculator or conception calculator can give the precise date, which one can cross-check with the estimated date of ovulation. If the date is beyond the expected date of ovulation, then there is a high chance of late conception.

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    Can late implantation cause complications in pregnancy?

    Late implantations are caused by the late conception caused by irregularity in ovulation. Studies have found that the chances of having a late implantation successful pregnancy are very bleak if the implantation occurs after eight to 10 days of ovulation. The New England Journal of Medicine also found that the chances of miscarriage are higher in delayed implantation.

    So this was everything one needs to know about delayed conception, its causes, and its symptoms. It is clear from the above discussion that one should strive to have regular ovulation, as ovulation is the prime cause of late implantation.

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