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    Is it Safe to Wear Maternity Leggings During Pregnancy?

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    Is it Safe to Wear Maternity Leggings During Pregnancy?

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Maternity leggings are a way of maintaining style while growing a precious little bundle within. But the question asked most often is whether or not they are safe to wear because they sit very close to the skin, which is not a typical characteristic of maternity wear. The good news is that most maternity leggings are perfectly safe to wear during pregnancy as they are made to provide comfort. Designers also consider the woman’s growing belly, ensuring that most maternity leggings will grow with the tummy for a comfortable yet engulfing experience.

    What is the difference between maternity leggings and regular ones?

    One of the main differences between maternity and regular leggings is the waistband. While both types are made with highly stretchable fabric, maternity leggings have a supportive waistband that grows with the belly. Maternity leggings have two options: waistbands that sit below the waist and over the belly.

    1. Under-the-bump maternity leggings

    These are usually designed without a belly panel; they have an elastic band on top of the leggings that expands to fit the bump. Some women prefer this as it does not constrict the belly and keeps them more relaxed while still being fashionable. This style is perfect for the summer or for people who dislike pressure on their stomachs.

    2. Over-the-bump leggings

    These leggings have a comfortable stretchy panel that cradles the belly. Some of the best maternity leggings also provide support, which is crucial in the third trimester. This kind is best used in winter when people don't sweat as much or feel itchy. For summer, people can choose a Capri cut that will not let their bodies overheat.

    Why should people wear maternity leggings?

    While people can size up their regular leggings and wear them for the first trimester of their pregnancy, as it progresses, they will have to switch to maternity leggings for more comfort. These leggings also come with essential support that is needed later in the pregnancy. They allow greater flexibility as compared to traditional maternity wear. Maternity leggings are also the most comfortable style to sleep in.

    When should people shift to maternity leggings?

    Initially, people may not know they are pregnant; however, as the belly grows, they will notice even the loosest clothes barely fit. That is the perfect time to shift to maternity clothing. As maternity leggings are very comfortable and come in various styles, people can start wearing maternity leggings as early as the second month of pregnancy. The Mylo Family's online and brick-and-mortar stores have a wide selection of maternity leggings that fit every style.


    When pregnant, it is best to avoid synthetic clothing as it can cause excessive sweating, irritate the skin and even cause inflammation. Choosing soft natural fabrics like cotton is easy on the skin, ensuring people stay cool and comfortable all day long.

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    How to style maternity leggings?

    Maternity leggings are a great way of maintaining a pre-pregnancy style. Whether people prefer western wear, Indian clothing, or a mix of the two, maternity leggings can be a constant.

    1. Western casuals

    Pair the leggings with a stretchy maternity top that is lightweight and comfortable for a casual all-day style. People can also choose loose bell sleeves to wear the top through the nine months and even postpartum.

    2. Office wear

    A pair of maternity leggings with more structure is ideal for the office. Wear them with comfortable oversized shirts for maximum comfort. This is another style that people can take with them postpartum, as the button-down shirt can be helpful when they need to nurse the baby.

    3. Kurtas and Anarkali

    From short kurtas to heavier ones for the festive season, maternity leggings can be paired with them. Relaxed fit, flowy kurtas not only look great, but they are also comfortable as they will not restrict the belly in any way. Choose full-length, ankle style, or Capri style maternity leggings to give the look a bit of variety.


    Maternity leggings are not only a comfortable style but also versatile. People can make them their own for the next nine months and sometime after. People may fall in love with this trend and take it with them long after their baby is born.

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